Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.16

According to the famous media franchise’s description, Pokémon are differently shaped and colored creatures who live either in the wild or among

According to the famous media franchise’s description, Pokémon are differently shaped and colored creatures who live either in the wild or among humans. They are raised and trained by their owners so they can develop and turn into stronger pokémon. Addon SERP Pokédrock brings the most recognizable ones to our MCPE world. Moreover, we will get the opportunity to monitor, tame, and ride them. There are also a lot of additional surprises meant to make this Pokémon universe even more interesting.

Features of addon SERP Pokédrock

Adhering to the Pokémon Code (Pokedex), the pokémon will spawn one by one. In thepresent time, this  addon features the full evolutionary cycles of Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Rattata, Pikachu and many other pokémon. All these creatures spawn naturally around the Minecraft PE world.

The pictures displayed below show all the Pokémon you will meet today. There are many of them but we still hope the addon creator will add more in one of the future updates.








The untamed pokémon can now be captured using pokeballs. The one featured in the last picture above, that is Articuno can be caught only with a masterball due to the fact that it is a very special and rare pokémon.



This addon also features Team Rocket. Please be friendly with them or they will spawn evil Pokémon that can attack you.


Slot machines drop useful items for your pokémon adventure but in return, you will have to insert money.



Berry trees give some kinds of fruit that can be used when preparing special potions and candies. Some of these trees can drop seeds after they break them. When planting these seeds, wait several minutes until the plant is ripe! You can accelerate this process by using a special fertilizer called Mulch (the last picture below displays its crafting recipe)







Inspect the caves carefully. You can detect Evolutionary Minerals growing there. Break them and you can obtain four kinds of stones.



The Personal Computer is used to purchase and sell different objects. Note that some objects offered by this PC cannot be obtained using other methods than this one. To get this computer, you should follow the recipe displayed in the last picture below and break the obtained item.




There are also two new items that you can obtain by crafting them: a Healing Machine and Computer Storage.

You will have to interact with a Train Card to make use of the machine. The card can be obtained from the Personal Computer.

Healing Machine picture and crafting recipe



With a train card, you can power up your Personal Computer storage. As soon as you become its user, you can see everything there is inside it.

Personal Computer Storage picture and crafting recipe



There are six kinds of train cards and a basic card. Use any color dye you want on your crafting table.



Apricots are plants that look a lot like ordinary berries. When using Mulch fertilizer on them, they drop fruits which fall down in about two minutes. You will need them when crafting Pokeballs.


Types of available apricots


Use apricots to create the Pokeball bases and the lids. Crafting recipes:


Mix the base, lid, and button in the appropriate order to obtain a Pokeball.


You will find out that a Pokémon is captured in the ball described above when special Particles are playing around it.  When this happens, the Pokémon is considered yours and it will follow and protect you.


To store your Pokémon pet, you should interact with it using the required Pokéball.



Shellder Shell Shulker crafting recipe


You can ride your Pokémon and make it sit down. For the first action, you will need a pokeride. You can buy it from your computer.





When you capture a pokémon, it will develop individually, but you can accelerate this process by feeding the creature with a rare candy!




As a bonus, you can find different objects on the ground. These objects drop useful stuff, for example, potions.



Dear players, if you want to start your Pokémon adventure in Minecraft PE, you should install Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions and click on the download buttons below.

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