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Mining, building, and exploring places is interesting enough, but what would our Bedrock experience be like if there were no mobs in our worlds? Of

Mining, building, and exploring places is interesting enough, but what would our Bedrock experience be like if there were no mobs in our worlds? Of course it would be more boring. Happily, the game developers already introduced dozens of them and continue to work on new ones, but if this is not enough for you, you can always install addons that aim to make it even more fun. Our subscribers already had the chance to try Addon Griffin Plus, Addon Trevor Henderson Creatures, and other similar addons that bring all kinds of cool mobs. Addon Raboy's Mobs has the same aim and if you want to know what new mobs you can meet with by installing it, continue reading this article. 

Features of addon Raboy's Mobs

Below you can see all the mobs you will meet and their characteristics. As you can see, they all resemble characters from the popular “The Tomorrow War” sci-fi movie. 

  • The White Spike. This mob can be of different types: males, females, and babies. The males are very fast and no player can outrun them. The females and the babies are fast enough too. These predators are very aggressive, so get ready to fight. They also attack other mobs, except fish. You can find them in all snowy biomes. Upon death, they can drop claws and carapaces. With the claws, you can craft a very strong skythe (see pictures below). You can also craft White Spike armor and if required, carapaces can help you repair it. The armor can be enchanted if you want to make it even better. 

  • The Colossal Squid. This is definitely not an ordinary squid. It is much bigger, faster and stronger, but do not worry because it will attack you only if you attack it first. A cool thing about this type of squid is that it can be bread not only with another colossal squid, but also with cods, salmons, and even rotten flesh. Their babies grow really fast and they love eating axolotls. Upon death, grown-ups drop eyes and loads of delicious meat that you can consume raw or cooked. 

  • The Jade Dragon. This is a new boss that you will meet in extreme hills. It is very difficult to kill, but if you succeed, it will drop its heart which is a very valuable ingredient in crafting. 

  • The Wizard. This is a very helpful mob. He lives in a little house in taiga biomes and if you give him enchanted gold apples and Jade Dragon hearts,  you will obtain a lot of useful loot from him. 

  • The Jellyfish. This beautiful swimming creature can be of different colors and types. You can find it in oceans and if you kill it, it will drop slimes. 

  • The Phoenix. This is the second boss you will have the chance to fight by installing this addon. By killing it, you can take its feathers and use them in crafting, but before planning how to attack it, you should know that this fantastic-looking bird can be tamed. To do this, you will need either a golden apple or a nether star. Unfortunately, when tamed, this mob will give you bad omen once in a while, but it will also give you some of its powers, so it is up to you to decide how to interact with it. 

  • The Sea Serpent. You should be very careful when meeting it because its bite is very poisonous. You can find it in oceans. When killed, it drops bones and fangs. Its fangs can be used to craft a spear that you can use to poison your enemies. 

  • The Snowman. This is a kind of Enderman, but it can be found only in snowy biomes. If killed, it drops snowballs and sometimes ender pearls


  • The Netherman is one more kind of Enderman that can be found in the Nether. This mob is immune to fire and lava. Upon death, it also drops enderpearls (sometimes). It also drops magma creams.


Dear players, please mind that you won’t be able to use this addon if:

  1. You don’t have installed Minecraft PE 1.17.30 or a newer game version
  2. If you won’t enable the Experimental Gameplay toggles as shown below 

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