Addon Space Craft 1.16.201

Almost every person has a hobby and tries to spend his/her free time at it. Some like exploring nature, others like painting and so on. Today we will

Almost every person has a hobby and tries to spend his/her free time at it. Some like exploring nature, others like painting and so on. Today we will describe a very cool addon that will be of great interest to those who care about outer space. Its creator named it Addon Space Craft and we really hope you will like it.

Features of addon Space Craft

We must tell you from the very start that this is not the final update of this addon and its creator is still working on its improvement and further development. At the moment it may cause certain bugs, so it is not recommendable to use it in a world that you really care about because you risk losing it. Another problem we have to warn you that the moon generation is not exactly perfect as intended, but you still have the chance to investigate it. We hope that these issues will be resolved soon but until this happens, let us explore the existing features:

Blocks: Most of the blocks are decorative but some are ores.

There are different kinds of fallen asteroids, meteors, and mars/moon blocks.








The rocks located on the moon are very useful, but most importantly, they represent the necessary ingredients for obtaining a crafting table necessary for making the rocket and other important things (rocket crafting table). This table can also be used to make good tools and other things.



Here is what your future rockets can look like.


To launch your rocket, you need to craft a launching pad.


You will also need your normal crafting table (not the rocket one mentioned above) if you want to make an advanced anvil. You will need it to craft steel and other several things that can be of use. As you can see from the picture below, its crafting recipe requires a hammer and you can obtain it as shown in the third picture.




Making a rocket won’t be easy, because its recipe requires a lot of things that must be crafted separately.









After obtaining all the materials, you can start working on the rocket that has three component parts.





The launchpad has a spawn egg and you don’t have to spend time crafting it, but if you are playing in survival, use the recipe displayed below.


The moon and its features look like in the pictures below but don’t forget what we told you about this planet at the beginning of this article. You can also see what you can craft with materials found here.








And finally, here is your space suit! Make it using the crafting recipes displayed in the second screenshot below.



To enjoy this addon, remember to enable the experimental features.

For other new mods, visit our website. By exploring it, you will also find the freshest game versions. We recommend you check Minecraft PE not only because it is the latest update, but also because it brings a couple of very interesting new experimental features. Enjoy!

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Addon Space Craft

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