Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

Girlfriends Addon - This game is becoming hotter and hotter. Even there can be love. From this moment you can find a girlfriend, date her and even
Girlfriends Addon - This game is becoming hotter and hotter. Even there can be love. From this moment you can find a girlfriend, date her and even marry her! Isn't great? Perhaps, it's enough to be alone and explore this world only by yourself. So, women appeared insted of all villagers. If you have a diamond, you can ask some woman whom you've liked the most, to marry you! It's cool as the wife can help you to deal with lots of things. For example, you can ask her to take some stuff ot to find something. Of course, as the loyal wife, she'll follow you everywhere, you'll not be lonely in your adventures.

Finding a Girlfriend

Women replaced villagers, so they'll spawn in villages. There you'll meet lots of pretty women. If you like someone the most, you can make her a proposal. You'll present her a diamond, and if she says 'I do', she becomes your wife. You'll see red hearts on the screen which mean you're married now.
  • iOS / Android: Long press on the mob while holding a diamond and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold a diamond in your hand and right-click the mob

After you've got married, there is no way back. Your wife will be with you every day and night. She'll follow you everywhere, you can't escape from her. However, don't think that it's a bad thing. She'll also help you in your missions and adventures.
The one important thing is that your wife will get an infinite health. So, if you're sick of her, you can't just wait for her death. That will never happen. The only way to finish your marriage is to sign a divorce (giving her an emerald). The whole thind is really like in real life.
Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

You can also ask het to stay home and do not follow you every time.
  • iOS / Android: Sneak, long press on the mob and press Sit / Stand
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click

Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

That is really odd thingm that you can sit on your gil's shoulder. She'll not be able to move with you on her shoulders. There is no special purpose of it, however you have to know that it's possible to do.
Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

She is not only your partner of life, but she can be very helpful. She can carry your items as she is equipped with 27 slots. And here is a point of sitting on her shoulders. If you want to open inventory, you have:
  • Sit on your girlfriend and use the Open button to open the inventory.

Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

You'll also get a marriage contract. If you want to see it, give your wife a book. She'll give you back an empty sheet of paper, where might be something.
Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0

Moreover, you can become a real sultan here! You're able to marry several women in one time. Perhaps, it would be enough only one? However, if you are ready for this amount, try it!
Girlfriends Addon 1.0/0.17.0


  • Girlfriends have unlimited health
  • They protect you
  • Ride them
  • Sit / stand (doesn’t delete inventory anymore)
  • New textures
  • Zombie girlfriends
  • Marriage contract works for all girlfriends
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