Fireworks Addon (Only!)

Fireworks Addon (Only!) - Do you celebrate something and want to make you holiday better, brighter and more pleasant? We know how you can
Fireworks Addon (Only!) - Do you celebrate something and want to make you holiday better, brighter and more pleasant? We know how you can easily brighten up your celebration! Just get a new addon which allows to launch fireworks! Fireworks became available instead of some items. Imagine that it's a New Year, or 4th of July or even your birthday party, why not, and you can have wonderful fireworks and can enjoy watching it. For sure, all of your guests will be impressed with these wonderful joy of paints. Moreover, it'll be available various custom sounds and plenty of visual effects. Make your holiday more special. You and everyone will remember it for a long time!

How does it work?

You can get fireworks from Firework Makers, which appeared instead of some villagers. You can use the creative inventory to find some useful items.
  • Basic Firework (Snowball)
  • Rainbow Bomb (Egg)
  • Wobbly Firework Launcher (Bow)
  • Wobble Firework (Arrow)
  • Firework Launcher (Dispenser)

Fireworks Addon (Only!)

Below you can look at screenshots of different kinds of fireworks. The first one is the Wobbly Firework Launcher (bow and arrow). We recommend you not to use full power as the rocket can fly too far. If you want it to explode, it must clash something like mountains or the ground.
Fireworks Addon (Only!)

The Rainbow Bomb works opposite to the previous one, as it explodes slowly. It takes from 5 to 10 seconds to explode, but it worth it, as it looks so amazing, that you can stay watching it for hours.
Keep in mind that it explodes on the ground, so be careful and do not stay too close or you'll get lots of damage and then you'll not be so impressed with fireworks.
Fireworks Addon (Only!)

The regular firework rocket causes some basic explosions. However, it would be a great idea to mix it with another kind of fireworks, so you can have an amazing fire show!
Fireworks Addon (Only!)

Try each kind of firework or combine all of them and you'll get an epic fire show! There is a video below where we made you an example of how all of the fireworks work together. Check out it and try to make something similiar or even better. Make your personal fire show!


  • Added Rainbow Bomb (Egg)
  • Added Wobbly Firework Launcher (Bow)
  • Added Wobbly Firework (Arrow)
  • Added Firework Launcher (Dispenser)
  • Custom block/item names (you won’t need to restart the game for this to work)
  • Supports English US, English UK, Spanish
  • New pack icon and description
  • Zombies no longer attack firework makers (villagers)
  • Firework Makers walk slower and won’t run away if you hit the
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