Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Village Guards Addon - Do your villagers suffer from zombies' attacks? Are you fed up with it and you want to protect them? Get a new addon which
Village Guards Addon - Do your villagers suffer from zombies' attacks? Are you fed up with it and you want to protect them? Get a new addon which includes villager guards which will be aimes to defend villagers. The addon contains archers and swordsmen. They will serve for townfolks and they'll rebut attackers. However, if you think that you need more guards, you can train you villagers and then they'll be able to shatter an assault too.

How does it work?

You can find village guards spawning in villages. The second way to get them is to use a wither skeleton spawn egg since it replaces that mob.
There are archers (35% spawn rate) and swordsmen (65% spawn rate). These guards are dressed up in gears which will ptotect them. They also have weapons as the bow and a sword. It mostly depends on their class.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Guards will patrol the city during the day and the night. They'll look for enemies and then they'll kill them. They're very loyal and will do everything that villagers can keep calm.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Mostly, monsters attack at night, so guards have to be on pins and needles. Enemies will try to break into houses constantly, however, as guards are here, their attemps will be ineffective.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

You can train ordinary villagers to become guards.
  • iOS / Android: Hold an iron helmet, long press on the villager and press Train
  • Windows 10: Hold an iron helmet and right-click the villager to train him

Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Your guards can get two different kinds of weapons. The bow and the sword are available now, however, we hope that developers will add new types in the future.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Furthermore, you can even name your guards, it'll be more comfortable to find one whom you need. We can suggest you such names as Greigor, Haggard, Betty or Leif. They'll suit to guards perfectly.
Use an anvil to rename a name tag item. Then use the name tag on a guard to rename him or her.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Are you ingured and you suffer from severe pain? The healer appears in your world to relieve your pain. If you wan to get a healer, you have to give an empty bottle an ordinary villager and it'll turn it to the healer. They are very valuable in this game as they can make you totally healthy. They're not very strong and unarmed, so it's better to guard them during the night.
Village Guards Addon 1.1.0/1.0.6/1.0.5

Guard Villager Features:
  • Wither skeletons replaced by village guards
  • Armor/weapons: iron sword/bow, chain mail vest, iron helmet
  • They can open and close doors
  • Automatically fights nearby monsters
  • Spawns in villages
  • Give a villager an iron helmet to train it into a villager guard
  • Give a villager an empty glass bottle to turn it into a healer.
  • Swap weapons (bow, iron sword)
  • Wither skulls spawn randomly in Nether bridge chests
  • Name your guards with name tags
  • Guards walk slowly
  • Compatible with villager trading
  • Guards walk more frequently indoors but their speed is decreased


  • Added healer villager
  • Guards will stroll through the village (they shouldn’t wander off anymore)
  • Guard health increased from 20 to 25
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