Mutant Creatures Add-on

Mutant Creatures Add-on - Do you want to get new feelings or to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? Do you think that you're enough
Mutant Creatures Add-on - Do you want to get new feelings or to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? Do you think that you're enough brave to get a new level of difficulty? Okay! This addon is created for you as it adds 12 mutants. They'll have superpowers and it'll be a kind of challenge for you to fight with them. However, if you think that nothing can scare you, give a try to this addon and check your strength!

Which mutants exist?

These mutants stand in for old mobs. All of them have incredible power, so be ready to the difficulty which you have to face with.
Moreover, mutants don't afraid of fall damage. They're very powerful and can withstand lots of things. All mutants have a small chance of dropping a mutant head which can be worn by the player.

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This one looks like an upgraded zombie. It is taller, stronger and faster. It has become a better fighter than before.
Health: 75 hearts.

Mutant Creatures Add-on

Mutant Creeper: They look a little bit weird, as they have four legs, a bright green color, and a crooked neck. It may resemble you a spider and it makes it more terrible. Now they can make more explosions, however, the fuse is longer so you have a better chance of getting away. As soon as their health is low they try to explode.
Moreover, they don't have any fears now. Recently they have been scared of ocelots, but now they attack them!
Health: 60 hearts

Mutant Stray & Skeleton: They improved their skills and now they have become better archers. They are able to shoot 5 arrows at the same time. It really impresses. Beware them, as wolves and players are their victims. Unfortunately, they won't drop you anything after you kill one.
Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Skeleton: It has got totally new appearance which makes anyone's toes curl. His body consists only of bones and he holds a huge sword. He also doesn't afraid of wolves and can easily attack them. Moreover, it doesn't drop swords.
Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Enderman: It has become taller and slender. Moreover, it moves faster and can catch you in seconds. He's also able to detect you quicker. It looks very dangerous, especially at night, when you can see nothing, except purple eyes, which become closer to you every second.
Health: 100 hearts

Mutant Iron Golem: This mutant impresses the most for sure as it's considered to be the most powerful one. It can be very helpful to you in battles, so keep it close to you. It has much bigger arms than an ordinary iron golem. It drops iron ingots, flowers, and iron blocks.
Health: 200 hearts, Damage: 45-55

Mutant Spider and Cave Spider: Even ordinary spiders scare a lot, but these two chill to the bone. Now they're bigger and faster. They'll be able to make you more harm.
Health: 75 hearts, Damage: 10

Mutant Zombie Pigman: This creature is considered to be a neutral one. It will act only if you attack it. If you kill one it will drop a bunch of gold ingots, gold nuggets, and rotten flesh.
Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Boss: It's incredibly dangerous. If you succeed to escape from it, you'll be the luckiest person in the world! It's the most powerful, as it has got lots of health. If you've managed to kill him, you can get lots of stuff such as wither skulls, a nether star and a bunch of diamonds.
Health: 425 hearts


  • Mutant iron golem
  • Mutant spider and mutant cave spider
  • Mutant zombie pigman
  • Mutant wither boss
  • Custom sounds (enderman, creeper, zombie, husk, skeleton, wither skeleton, stray, wither boss, iron golem, zombie pigman, spider, cave spider, zombie villager)
  • More loots
  • Mutants have the chance to drop heads
  • Mutant creeper stops running while it’s exploding
  • New model for the mutant enderman
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