Mob Factions Addon

Mob Factions Addon - Does it look like everything is upside down in Minecraft world? It doesn't seem to you, it happens for real! The new addon
Mob Factions Addon - Does it look like everything is upside down in Minecraft world? It doesn't seem to you, it happens for real! The new addon switches mobs' functions. From now the creeper will not attack you, he'll become you, helpful friend. It really makes an impression as this thing has been impossible before. For sure their help will be necessary for you, as other mobs will stay hostile to you. Take this guy with you in battles and feel safer and stronger.

The New World Order

The Minecraft world has changed for a while. Now even enemy can be your friend and that is the case. The creeper will be your friend and will not attack you anymore. It seems to be unbelievable. It will protect you from other hostile mobs and you'll not be damaged. So, it can fight with monsters instead of you. Isn't great? Of course, it is. Where can the enemy become your friend? Only in Minecraft PE world!

Mob Factions Addon

The image shows a wicked guardian which you have to beware. It is very malicious as it will try to kill everything on his path. If you set a high value on your life, don't approach him too close.

As for the witches, they united with undead and now they'll help them in battles throwing potions at them.

We got the list of all of the changes in mob factions addon which you will notice for the behaviors of hostile mobs in-game.

  • Friendly to players
  • Attacks witches and zombie villagers
  • Red marking around their body
  • Will try to explode hostile mobs

The Bones (Skeletons & Strays)
  • Attacks creepers, spiders, silverfish, wolves, wither skeletons and anything that flies
  • Hunts animals (make sure to keep your cattle safe)
  • Blue marking on their head

The Bugs (Spiders & Silverfish)
  • Attacks undead and witches
  • Spiders might hesitate attacking due to their past history

The Zombies (Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Husks & Zombie Villagers)
  • Zombies and Husks have a green marking on their body

The Hell Mobs (Blazes, Wither Skeletons & Ghasts)
  • Attacks anything which moves
  • Wither Skeletons have a red mark on their forehead
  • Ghast fireballs are more explosive
  • Magma cubes attack in packs – watch out!

The Fish (Guardians & The Elder Guardian)
  • Attacks anything they previously attacked and most of the monsters
  • Their main objective is to protect the Elder and rule the ocean
  • Covered in blood and face paint to intimidate enemies
  • Threatening to most mobs except animals
  • Drop rates for guardians
  • Golden apples – high
  • Golden ingots – low
  • Drop rates for elder guardian
  • Sponge – sometimes
  • Diamonds – high

The Witches
  • Heals undead creatures that are dying
  • Attacks spiders that try to attack them or the undead

Snow Golems
  • Shoot arrows, sometimes slowness arrows and snowballs too

You can read the full backstory here.


  • All textures have been revamped
  • Removed ghast war paint
  • Snow golems shoot arrows and have a chance to shoot slowness arrows. They also shoot snowballs.
  • Guardians no longer attacks animals

All coding have been redone
Latest version:
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