Mod Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch 1.10

Did it ever cross your mind that Minecraft is a too easy game to play? You can take your thoughts back now because Mod Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch

Did it ever cross your mind that Minecraft is a too easy game to play? You can take your thoughts back now because Mod Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch created by NightwalkerLots will make you tremble with fear. This is why we do not recommend this addon for casual gameplay, as well as for people who are getting scared easily and are not in for facing real difficulties.


Features of mod Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch  

  • Cows are really dangerous now: during the nighttime, their health will increase to 50 and they will attack players using bombs (like the Creeper does). Moreover, they are going to attack you as soon as they see you and will move a lot faster than usual.
  • Endermen are not kinder: they are going to inflict wither effect and are going to attack villagers, skeletons and players that are nearer than 15 blocks from them.
  • Almost all the in-game mobs will have higher damage value and will be much healthier (their average health is 40 now)
  • Monsters are not burning during the day now and they are able to see players from a very big distance (45 blocks), even through walls and are going to attack immediately. They will drop iron ingots, carrots, and potatoes. They are also able to apply slowness effect on a hit and increase their speed when fighting with the player.
  • Withes are not going to drop ingredients anymore. Instead, they will drop full potions.
  • Wither skeletons are a lot bigger than usual now. Their health is of 80 and might drop diamonds.
  • The Blaze, just like the Wither skeleton is bigger and has a health of 80, but in addition, will use its fireballs more often. If this is not enough for you, it will shoot eight fireballs at one time (instead of three, like it did before) and these fireballs are explosive. If killed, it drops fire charges and phantom membrane. Sometimes it might drop diamonds.
  • The Creeper’s explosion is three times more powerful than before. If killed, the Creeper is going to drop four times more gun power.
  • Shulkers are going to drop twice as much of their drops than they did before. Rarely they might drop chorus fruit and ender pearls.
  • Phantoms, like Shulkers, are going to drop more of their drops than they did before. Sometimes they might drop an Elytra.
  • Spiders are hostile now not only in the nighttime. They are going to attack regardless of the time of the day and the effect of the spiders from caves is going to last longer.
  • Skeletons are more powerful. They move very fast now and can attack from a bigger distance.
  • Wolves are immortal now and are able to bring a lot more damage. Players cannot sit on wolves anymore but are able to hold up to 27 slots of items. If you throw an item at a wolf, it will pick it up. If you tamed a wolf, it will attack mobs from a very big distance (45 blocks). They drop leather.

Are you as brave after reading all of this addon’s features? If so, download it by clicking on the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.

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