Addon Bedrock AI 1.11

Addon Bedrock AI, created by _marcjones_ modifies the game resources so that your MCPE world has more affinities with the Java edition of Minecraft.

Addon Bedrock AI, created by _marcjones_ modifies the game resources so that your MCPE world has more affinities with the Java edition of Minecraft. It offers a multitude of modified features that we are sure you are going to love plus several new mobs!

Features of addon Bedrock AI

If you didn’t know, Java players have the opportunity to see sky structures (sun, moon, stars) underwater.  Addon Bedrock AI offers Minecraft PE users the same opportunity.

Besides this, the whole world environment, especially the sky and clouds are modified so as to delight the player with their appearance.

To make this addon even better, it adds sounds that accompany the underwater world.

The user interface pocket also looks different thanks to addon Bedrock AI.


Now, let’s talk about the added mobs:

  • Skeletons that lye and sit. These kinds of skeletons are quite difficult to find. For this, you should search for them during nighttime. They spawn naturally in savannas, dark forests, jungles, ocean, and other biomes. For summoning lying and sitting skeletons, enter the next commands: /summon bedrockai:skeleton_lying_pose_1, /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_1, /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_2, /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_3 or /summon bedrockai:skeleton_sit_pose_4.


  • Red foxes. As a rule, they spawn during nighttime in the snowy tundra or in the taiga. If you want to earn the trust of these mobs, you can try and feed them. Foxes attack small peaceful mobs (rabbits, baby turtles, chickens). To summon a red fox, enter command /summon bedrockai:red_fox



  • Owls. This mob can be found in the taiga and attacks only rabbits. Can be summoned by entering /summon bedrockai:owl
  • Caerbannog is actually a hostile rabbit attacking foxes, wolves and attention: players. It spawns during nighttime in swamps. If you want to summon a caerbannog enter /summon bedrockai:killer_rabbit



  • Mesa husks are dangerous due to the fact that they have the ability to poison. They spawn in the mesa during the nighttime. To summon a mesa husk, enter /summon bedrockai:mesa_husk.
  • River turtles are supposedly the most peaceful mobs in this addon. They can spawn in oceans, swamps and rivers. River turtles have the same behavior as the sea turtles. You can summon a sea turtle by entering /summon bedrockai:river_turtle.


With Addon Bedrock AI you can find spawn eggs for snow and red foxes, river turtles, owls, caerbannogs and mesa husks. 



Note! This addon is available only for MCPE 1.11 and later versions.

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Video Trailer and Sounds of the Underwater Ambiance


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