Addon Much Harder Mobs 1.13

Addon Much Harder Mobs represents a real challenge for those who never choose the easiest ways out. It will make all the hostile mobs quicker and

Addon Much Harder Mobs represents a real challenge for those who never choose the easiest ways out. It will make all the hostile mobs quicker and more terrible and the weapons they use more hazardous.

Features of addon Much Harder Mobs

With this addon, the hostile mobs in your MCPE world will have the following characteristics:

  • Zombies. They are now bringing double attack damage and are stronger. They can also hold and use weapons and be protected by armor.
  • Skeletons. Like the zombies, there is a very big chance that they will wear armor and will have items in their hands. Besides this, they will be able to shoot their arrows much more often than before.
  • Creepers are much faster and their explosion size is twice as big now. Moreover, after the explosion, they will put the place on fire.
  • Charged creepers are even worse. The power of their explosion can destroy blocks in a 24 block radius. After, they will set everything on fire.


  • Strays carry absolute machine guns and shoot arrows much faster than before
  • Slimes are five times more powerful now but upon death, they will now drop more items.


  • Blazes are also more dangerous now. They can shoot ten arrows at once.
  • Ghasts are now stronger, faster and their explosions are very powerful. To obtain a ghast tear, you will have to have looting now.
  • Wither is also stronger. The explosion provoked by the wither skull is twice as big now and the wither effect lasts for a longer time.
  • Wither skeletons carry iron swords and are able to inflict blindness and this effect lasts for almost half a minute.
  • Guardians are twice as strong and so is their attack damage
  • Elder Guardians are also much stronger than usual. To kill a player, they need only one laser shot. Upon death, they drop up to three blocks of gold.



  • Pigmen’s attack damage is double now

The rest of the enemies, which are the bats, the witches, the magma cubes, the endermen, the husks, the zombie villagers and the silverfish are also stronger, but if you succeed to destroy them, they will drop more items than they did before.

This addon also makes the fireballs more hazardous and the creeper explosion cannot be avoided by enabling “mob griefing” now.

In addition to all the above-listed features, be ready to meet some new giant zombies. They have the same characteristics as the custom ones, but are bigger and faster.

If you are not afraid to face all the evil mobs who are now even worse than before, download Addon Much Harder Mobs by clicking on the button below, share it with your MCPE friends and leave feedback.

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