Addon Commander Machine Boss 1.13

We bet you are a very brave player and already have experience fighting dangerous characters if you tried our Map Asgore Boss Battle and/or Magician

We bet you are a very brave player and already have experience fighting dangerous characters if you tried our Map Asgore Boss Battle and/or Magician Supreme Boss Add-On, but today you will have to fight a boss as you’ve never met before. The boss featured in Addon Commander Machine Boss is immortal (almost), has a lot of dangerous weapons and is able to summon entities to harm you. In addition, it has a very frightening appearance.

How does addon Commander Machine Boss work

To summon the evil hero of our addon, the first thing you will have to do is switch to survival game mode. After, you will have to place a red-colored Commander Boss Egg. This egg deals no damage, so don’t even try. After the egg is placed, you will see a strong lightning bolt coming from it and this is how our Commander Machine Boss will come to life.



This boss has a health of one thousand and his own health bar. His favorite thing to do is attack players. In addition to the fact that only by his appearance he can frighten anyone, he can also:

  • Resist to fire
  • Teleport
  • Fly
  • Make up to three melee attacks with poison, nausea and/or blindness effects
  • Shoot using one of his projectiles which are fireballs, TNTs and Skeleton Arrows


  • Shoot using a lightning bolt


  • Regenerate his health if required
  • Summon different entities that can bring harm to the player





Entities Summoned by the Commander Machine Boss:

  • The Commanded Creeper which is a little different from the ordinary creeper. This one does not break blocks but is much faster when chasing the player.


  • The Commanded Skeleton, which is similar to the custom one but does not burn during the daytime.



  • The Commanded Zombie also does not burn during the daytime and is faster than the ordinary one.



  • The Commanded Bug, like the entities described above, is very fast when chasing the player. Its health is of five and its attack damage of one. It attacks the target by a melee attack and cannot be destroyed by fire.


  • The Commanded Bomb explodes in order to destroy the players. It has the ability to fly and its health is of fourteen. This bomb cannot be destroyed using fire.


  • The Mutant Chicken has a health of twenty-five and is much larger than an ordinary chicken. Even if it’s rather slow comparing to its colleagues, it has the ability to attack with a melee attack with an effect of levitation.


Now that you know everything about our mighty Boss, we should learn how to fight him. For this, you will need a Command Sword since custom weapons won’t be enough to defeat such a strong creature. To obtain this special sword, use the /give @p command:command_sword. Thanks to this magic sword, you will become quicker, your health will double, your attack damage will be of five, and your fall damage will be reduced to zero and you will also obtain many other advantages like fire resistance and jump boost.


The more you attack the Commander Machine Boss, the more chances you have to defeat him. After a series of attacks from you, he will start floating in the air (flying state) and will be able to shoot only using his lightning bolts. If you are insistent and continue to attack him, he will become weak and unresponsive and won’t be able to attack back anymore.

To defeat him completely, take the command block away from him. To do this, just interact with the boss and he will drop it.

After you obtain the command block, the Machine Boss will turn bright red and a strong explosion will start shortly, so make sure to run away fast. The explosion range is ten blocks.




Important! To be able to use Addon Commander Machine Boss, enable experimental gameplay mode.  

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Video Trailer of Addon Commander Machine Boss

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