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Vampires seem both frightening and fascinating. If you are interested in this topic, you should definitely try Addon Vampires which introduces three

Vampires seem both frightening and fascinating. If you are interested in this topic, you should definitely try Addon Vampires which introduces three new entities: a Vampire, Dracula, and a Werewolf, as well as a lot of new items related to them.

Features of addon Vampires

Like we already told you, three new entities will be introduced to our MCPE worlds, but before facing them, you should equip yourself with a stake, otherwise, you risk being killed. To craft this item, you will need a stick and an iron ingot (see picture below).


Now, that you are ready to protect yourself, let us meet the entities and weapons related to them:


The Vampire




The Werewolf


You will find spawn eggs for them in your inventory. Of course, this entity is active only during the nighttime. It attacks players and villagers. The Vampire has a health of twenty-five and attack damage of seven. This creature is afraid of the light and of fire. Upon death, the Vampire drops either a vampire tooth or a wine glass. If stroke by lightning, it will turn into Dracula. Dracula is considered a Boss and is way more problematic to defeat than a vampire. He has a health of four hundred and an attack damage of fifteen. Unlike the vampire, this entity is not afraid of the fire and is even able to shoot fireballs. Upon death, he drops Dracula Hearts. When Dracula gets hit by lightning, he turns into a Werewolf. This entity can also be obtained through a spawn egg. It has a health of six hundred and an attack damage of twenty. Just like its previous variation, he is immune to fire. Upon death, he drops wolf skin.

In the last update, the creator of this addon modified and updated the werewolf a bit. This monster spawns naturally. It usually appears in dark places and is afraid of the fire. Upon death, it drops werewolf eyes and wolf meat.


Items and Weapons:

Vampire Daggers bring a damage of four but also offer a speed boost.


The Bloody Tooth Blades’ damage is the same but the blood on it is poisonous. The good thing is that you can pour it into a bucket.


Tooth Blade can be obtained by pouring the blood from the tooth blade described above.


Sharp Tooth Blade. As you can see in the picture below, you will need a tooth blade and a stake. You won’t get your stake back, but this sharpened blade is necessary for the following recipes.


Extended Tooth Blades provoke a damage of six.


The Frozen Wine Cube gives you the same effect as ordinary ice cubes, meaning it will help you to slide.


The Gold Hilt looks useless, but it is necessary for the following recipes.


Broad Sword. To learn how to create it, take a look at the crafting recipe below.


The Great Sword is harder to craft because it requires more ingredients (see picture below) but its power is double comparing to the previous sword.


The Bucket of Blood represents an important ingredient in crafting an even stronger sword.


Dracula’s Great Sword provokes a damage of twenty-two. It also brings along some helpful effects. Unfortunately, it has a side effect too. It gives the player a fatal poison effect.


Bucket of Purified Blood. You will need this to create the strongest sword.


Vampire Killer Blade provokes the same damage as the previously-described sword but is better because it boosts the strength, and health.


Elytra. Now this is definitely a very useful item.



Glazered wolf meat can be obtained following the recipe below. By eating it, you will get many benefic effects but as you can see, the ingredients are quite difficult to obtain.


Eye in Glass can be obtained as shown below. You will obtain a block that you can use in crafting weapons.


Bloody Diamond. To craft one, use a bucket of blood and ordinary diamonds.


Bloody Diamond Blocks can be obtained as shown below. In case you need back the bloody diamonds, the blocks can be transformed back into them.



Plated Wolf Skin. You will need this kind of strong and expensive skin to obtain the next weapon.


Bloody Diamond Hilt. This hilt is very pricey but you will need it to craft an even stronger weapon.


Bloody Diamond Sword. Here it is the best sword available in this addon. It has an attack damage of thirty-eight so you can kill any entity, regardless of its strength. It also gives regeneration, speed, and other good effects.


In case you don’t have time to do all the crafting, you can obtain everything by using command: /function givevampire

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