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You can find all the recent game updates by following our website, but unfortunately, not all of them are as interesting as we expect them to be. For

You can find all the recent game updates by following our website, but unfortunately, not all of them are as interesting as we expect them to be. For example, Minecraft PE released last week was kind of disappointed because it did not bring any noticeable changes or news. This week is different because Minecraft PE contains not only more bugfixes, but also two very interesting new features related to the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

First, we will tell you about the most important fixes, leaving the new features for the dessert.

In the MCPE developers resolved the next issues:

  • The pork chop achievement not getting unlocked when it should
  • The pork chop trophy not getting unlocked when it should
  • A bug preventing foxes from consuming sweet berries
  • A bug affecting the spawn eggs when playing in Adventure
  • Data values of chains created with command /setblock giving the same chains and a few other bugs affecting the same command
  • Some Marketplace worlds containing wrong block data
  • Mcstructure files crashing the game in certain situations

There are also a few problems that the MCPE developers did not manage to fix this time, but they are aware of them and promise to resolve them as soon as possible.

And now, let’s get to the cherry on top of the cake, that is the new features brought by this awesome game version:

  • The introduction of a very interesting and nice-looking new block called Dripstone. It represents a conoid block that serves as a stalagmite when on the ground or a stalactite when hanging from a ceiling. When hanging from the ceiling, this block has dripping water/lava animation. Dripstone’s most important aim is to make the MCPE world more exotic and interesting, but it can also serve as a danger both for the players and for the mobs. For example, if someone falls over such a block, he/she will get rather serious fall damage or in case a ceiling with stalactites is being broken, it falls over all the mobs standing underneath this ceiling, causing serious injuries. To find and introduce this block to your world, look in the Creative inventory.


  • The second new feature is the Sculk Sensor. This sensor’s target is to detect all the nearby vibrations and scare the hell out of the players and mobs. We assure you it is very fun, but we must warn you that it won’t be easy to trick it. The Sculk Sensor detects motions like swimming, stepping, free elytra falling, and moving blocks on a radius of eight blocks around it. Very soon, the MCPE developers promise to enlarge the number of motions that activate this sensor.

Both of the above-described new features can be accessed by enabling the “Experimental Features toggle”. Because they are freshly-developed, you may detect some issues related to them, but we are sure that in the near future they will be fixed so we can enjoy them to the max.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the new beta, share the news about its release with your MCPE friends, and leave feedback.

Visit us on a regular basis if you want to be always up to date with the latest game versions. Between the releases, you can also check a lot of interesting free maps, mods, and other Bedrock-related articles with free download buttons. Enjoy!

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