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The last two weeks were very rich in new features because Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE brought us a new block, a new

The last two weeks were very rich in new features because Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE brought us a new block, a new material to work with, a cool and useful lightning rod, and a sculk sensor. Unfortunately, Minecraft PE does not introduce anything as sensational, but we still recommend you to explore it, because it contains a lot of useful fixes and a few necessary changes.

Because this update is a beta, you won’t be able to join your friends who play in Realms or who use full game versions while trying it. Another not very pleasant feature of beta versions is that the builds created are not as stable as those created in full versions, but we guess you already know about these things if you are an active MCPE fan, so let’s see what we have to explore this week.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Crops will grow correctly now because the tick-related bug not working on the block state was resolved
  • The game won’t crash anymore when opening the achievements screen in the Character Creator while having a low anti-aliasing
  • Players will be able to interact with their tools and weapons after using them to break blocks


  • The textures of the kelp blocks that were affected by a bug were corrected
  • The snow will accumulate in stacks correctly now
  • The issue not letting water-submerged TNTs launch players was resolved


  • All the achievement names and descriptions will be translated correctly now
  • A bug making players show as “offline” when they are “online” was resolved
  • The issue of skins getting mixed up in categories was resolved
  • The bug tracker and feedback webpage links were updated
  • Another bug making the player’s screen flicker when resizing the window was resolved
  • Tinted spawn eggs, including goat ones had their textures corrected


  • The bug making the animation controller stop working in a popular marketplace map was resolved
  • Several new variables, including main_hand and off_hand have been introduced

Now that you know everything there is to know about this beta, it is time to share the news about its release with your friends and to try it.

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