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The last several weeks we had the chance to try many new experimental features: new cool blocks, materials, and more. Today, in Minecraft Bedrock

The last several weeks we had the chance to try many new experimental features: new cool blocks, materials, and more. Today, in Minecraft Bedrock, we will discover two more:  a new mob and a magic item frame. Besides this, we will see what problems had been fixed and what new possibilities are there to enjoy.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play with your friends who use full versions and who play in Realms while trying this update, because it is a beta, but we still urge you to check it if you want to discover the awesome features it brings.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In the present game update, the MCPE developers:

  • Developed a brand new mob living in the water, and this is the Glow Squid (see picture below). For now, it can be spawned only with spawn eggs. Upon death, this glowing creature drops a special kind of ink sacs.


  • Introduced a cool new kind of ink sacs that are glowing. These sacs are dropped by the described-above squids when they get killed. They can be used to craft glow item frames (see description below) and to make sign text glow, even during nighttime.
  • Developed a magic item frame called The Glow Item Frame. It can be crafted using the new kind of ink sacs and ordinary item frames. Its aim is to make any object placed in it glow. If you change your mind and don’t want the object to glow anymore, you can always use a regular item ink sac.
  • Added the possibility to dye sign texts in many colors
  • Gave the Windows 10 users who are enrolled in the RTX beta the possibility to benefit from the latest game betas and ray tracing (see Minecraft PE 1.16.200) updates regularly
  • Resolved the problem of the game crashing in different situations, for example when the player leaves his/her gaming world
  • Fixed two serious bugs that used to affect the screen reader and not letting it announce button names correctly
  • Corrected some corrupted biomes of certain worlds purchased from the Marketplace
  • Fixed a bug making the commands from command blocks be replaced with “#” signs
  • Fixed a bug that used to interrupt the mining processes in certain situations
  • Adjusted the graphics of the fog rendered in the Nether dimension
  • Made the in-game patch notes appear only once
  • Fixed a bug affecting the Create New Menu template tabs
  • Resolved a cloud sync-related problem affecting the Xbox users

Along with all the described-above changes and fixes, the technical aspects of the game and the Bedrock Dedicated Servers have been subject to updates.

If you are ready to try this interesting new beta, go on, but first, we recommend you to make copies of your present MCPE worlds if you are planning to access them in the future, because this beta will replace all your work in progress and you risk losing them for good.

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Trailer of MCPE


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