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We must tell you from the start that Minecraft Bedrock is definitely worth exploring! The last two weeks have been kind of disappointing

We must tell you from the start that Minecraft Bedrock is definitely worth exploring! The last two weeks have been kind of disappointing for most of the players because in Minecraft Bedrock the developers had to cancel some really awesome new features and Minecraft PE brought just a few minor fixes that some of us didn’t even notice. To make it up to us, the Mojang team developed a really fantastic beta this week. Read this article and find out all the surprises it contains!

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

  • The Glow Squid! Yes, this glowing underwater creature is back and is ready to make our game waters more interesting and to drop useful glow ink sacs! Moreover, they produce cloudy glowing clouds when attacked and their model is not offset any more like it was in Minecraft Bedrock when they were just introduced.


  • The Glow Item Frames! Now you can make items glow by placing them in these new frames again!
  • Possibility to use dyes to color sign texts. This newly-introduced and then removed option is available again!
  • Mountains! Get ready to discover new, higher, and more beautiful mountains in your world! Now there will be more ores generating there and the ones that are already present look better. The developers also added five different sub-biomes and in two of them you will see goats and rabbits spawning.



  • Dripstones. Happily, these lovely blocks have not been removed but the developers and players detected a lot of issues affecting them. These issues have been resolved and now you can enjoy interacting with the dripstones in a better way.

Besides all the above-mentioned surprises, the developers made a really good job at introducing some technical changes and fixing some problems related to this aspect:

  • Multiple updates to the GameTest Framework
  • Multiple updates to the movement prediction
  • Modified the GameTest packs loading process
  • Resolved a problem making the user’s screen look black in his/her pause menu, this issue affecting certain MCPE worlds
  • Introduced a “transparentattachable” tag for items that can be attached. This way they will not render if the MCPE player wears them in the first-person perspective
  • Resolved a problem affecting the V2 type villagers when initializing

The MCPE developers also fixed many crashes and bugs that used to affect some Marketplace worlds, commands, mobs, the game’s stability, and the gameplay in general. The most noticeable problems are enlisted below, but they won’t bother us anymore.

  • Glow signs failing to lit (bug affecting only the Mobile users)
  • Game crashing every time the player attends to rename a map with anvil while having the second square occupied
  • Arrows getting stopped by structure voids instead of passing through them
  • Players being able to use the @selector in certain commands even if the cheats are not enabled, this giving them access to information they shouldn’t have access to
  • Dispersing a shield onto a certain hostile mob caused it to be placed wrong on the model
  • Players who are in Visitor mode failing to drop their inventory when they die or when they get killed
  • Execute command not working as intended (taking into account only the target’s coordinates but ignoring the dimension)

These are the main changes and fixes done in this version, but if you want to find out more information, don’t hesitate to watch the video trailer below this article.

Before downloading this beta, we recommend you back up your existing gaming worlds because otherwise, you risk losing them. Also, note that you won’t be able to play in Realms or with players who use full versions while trying the present update.

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Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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