Minecraft PE 1.16.210

We often remind you of the fact that you should visit our website regularly. Only by doing that you will always be up to date with the latest

We often remind you of the fact that you should visit our website regularly. Only by doing that you will always be up to date with the latest game-related news, including the release of new beta and full game versions. Today you will have the chance to try the latest full update which is Minecraft PE 1.16.210. Of course, the version brings many new changes and features, especially for those who create maps and addons, but the Mojang team focused mainly on gathering together all the best from the previously released betas.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.210

If you are a map maker or/and an addon creator, you will find this release very helpful because it brings a lot of new documentation, many new resources and behaviors, and a lot more to make your hard work easier and more interesting. The best things that we think you will appreciate are:

  • The fact that there is a new ‘fogs’ folder in your resource pack template.
  • The fact that now you can give custom names to such mobs as donkeys, mules, horses, and their zombie and skeleton variants and identify them with the runtime identifier
  • The fact that command “Permissions” from the bedrock_server_how_to.html that was previously wrong was corrected
  • The fact that several bugs affecting structure blocks were fixed
  • The fact that the scoreboard of entities that teleport to a map area that didn’t fully load does not disappear anymore
  • The fact that now it is possible to remove structures from the structure list using a command
  • The fact that the “SetBlock” event supports any custom block state
  • The fact that the armors are going to render for the player in first person, but the rest of the attachable items won’t
  • The fact that the entity loading in custom biome features was disabled

If you are not involved in map and addon creating processes, this information may seem unimportant for you, so further, we will talk only about the features that will be appreciated by MCPE players.

The MCPE developers included a multitude of bugfixes carried out in the previously-released betas that we already talked about (check the freshest articles in our News folder to find out about them in case you overlooked some). Since this information is available in other articles, we will enlist only the most noticeable problems that were already fixed. These were:

  • Using bone meal in oceans used to generate only ordinary seaweed and corals, ignoring the coral fans  


  • Switching to full screen mode could be challenging. Now this can be done easily by hitting the F11 button on your keyboard
  • Many situations when the game used to crash, for example when loading certain Marketplace maps or when
  • The fact that loading structures in game with structure_template_feature worked only if there are no entities included in the structure_block save, this issue causing serious problems, even crashing the game
  • The fact that ink sacs could not be used in case they were not obtained as drops from the glow squid, but as a result of trading with the wandering trader


  • The fact that the skins created when playing in split screen online could not be saved into the world data by the guests
  • The fact that chests could contain different loot or having the same loot but in a random order even if the player used the same world seed
  • The fact that parrots had a very weird behavior when flying
  • The fact that players got killed when opening shulker boxes as a result of fall damage
  • Lagging Render Dragon
  • The fact that foxes failed to eat sweet berries from bushes as they did before
  • Wrong data block for some Marketplace worlds in case they are played in Realms or in multiplayer between two different devices
  • Players failing to obtain experience when smelting netherrack
  • Screen reader not reading certain messages correctly
  • The fact that command blocks could turn numbers into certain symbols this issue not letting commands work as required
  • Enchanted and gold apple text color being displayed incorrectly in the hotbar
  • Teleporting entities with command /tp not matching the target’s rotation to the one that runs this command
  • Command /clone not functioning as required

In addition to all the described-above hard work done by the MCPE developers, you will also notice that there are more ambient sounds in the Nether and that there is one more audio settings controller for the text-to-speech option.

Now that you are informed about this awesome release and about its main features, make sure to share this article with all your friends, so they can enjoy the new version too!

To make your gaming experience even better, we also feature a lot of free maps, mods, and other surprises. Check the ones you are interested in and enjoy playing Minecraft PE!

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