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Dear friends, remember Minecraft PE when the MCPE developers brought glowing squids, glowing item frames, and glowing ink sacs to the

Dear friends, remember Minecraft PE when the MCPE developers brought glowing squids, glowing item frames, and glowing ink sacs to the game? Later these features had to be removed and after, re-introduced again, but this is not important now. The important thing is that these features are now present and they make our MCPE worlds brighter and more interesting. Starting with the beta we are talking about today, that is Minecraft PE, the caves in our worlds will become brighter too thanks to a new feature developed this week. We will tell you everything about it and the rest of the features later, but before doing so, it is our duty to warn you that you risk losing your existing builds when installing this version, unless you make copies of them. Please keep this in mind. Also note that while trying a beta, the access to Realms is not possible. So is the access to non-beta players. Another important thing you should know about is the fact that the builds created in beta versions may be slightly unstable comparing to those created in full versions. Anyway, until a nice full version containing all the new features is released, we recommend you to try this one because we are sure that you are curious about its tweaks, changes, and of course, the new glowing feature!

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

Because we know that you can’t wait to find out what new feature you will discover by installing this update, we will start with it:

  • The Glow Lichen. This amazing plant that can also serve as a mild source of light generates in caves. Players will have the possibility to spread it on big surfaces by bonemealing it. They will also be able to shear it. This new kind of lichen is also waterloggable and compostable.


If you are using an Android device to play Minecraft PE, this version may interest you too, because:

  • The developers added mouse and keyboard support
  • They corrected the wrong crosshair placement
  • Resolved a number of networking and resolution-related bugs
  • Made the structure blocks exportable
  • Removed several other bugs affecting only the Android users

If you managed to explore the beta released last week, that is Minecraft PE, you are already familiar with the multitude of lush cave features. In the present beta, the MCPE developers performed a number of tweaks and fixes in relation to those new plants, blocks, etc., so, from now on, the players will be able to:

  • Make glow berries grow on cave vines not only by fertilizing them as we mentioned in the article about the previous version, but also by breaking the vines with tools that are enchanted with silk touch and by using function Pick Block
  • Obtain grass path blocks by shoveling rooted dirt blocks
  • Increase the height of big dripleaf blocks. This can be done by placing them one on top of another
  • Obtain small dripleaf items by shearing small dripleafs
  • Compost hanging roots, this action not provoking any problems like it did before
  • Fertilize moss blocks in dispensers
  • Monitor how bees interact with flowering azalea like they would be real flowers

In addition to everything described above, the Mojang team also had a number of problems to deal with. These were:

  • A user interface problem occurring when the player wants to leave a world during its generation
  • Powdered snow destroyed by TNTs dropping while it shouldn’t
  • Coal and other fuel sources burning faster than usual
  • Several bugs affecting the player’s behavior when playing in first person
  • Goat’s leads not getting attached properly when leashing them
  • Waxed and regular weathered copper slabs giving only one slab when crafted in the stonecutter

Dear players, you will be able to explore all the above-listed changes plus several technical tweaks and fixes by installing this version. Please be a generous friend and share the news about its release with other MCPE users and let us know what you think about its features by leaving feedback.

By visiting our website regularly, you will always be up to date with all the latest game versions and with many other game-related surprises. Enjoy!

Trailer of Minecraft PE

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