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The Minecraft PE beta released last week was a very nice one because it brought many good tweaks and of course the new experimental glow

The Minecraft PE beta released last week was a very nice one because it brought many good tweaks and of course the new experimental glow lichen. This week, the MCPE developers prepared an even more interesting version which is Minecraft PE Read this article to the end to find out about all its features!

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The MCPE developers introduced new features, but they also made several interesting changes. First, we will tell you about them, so, starting with this release, you will notice that:

  • The visibility of the MCPE waters, especially those in caverns was greatly improved
  • Copper blocks can be waxed regardless of their oxidation level
  • A number of blocks can be placed on pointed dripstones now (the same placeable blocks as in the Java edition)
  • Glow lichen was introduced in the Creative inventory’s Nature tab
  • Big dripleafs are waterloggable now
  • Big dripleafs will unlit in case they are hit by an arrow, trident, or other projectile
  • You can place small dripleafs on podzol, dirt, grass, but their stems should be underwater
  • Moss blocks won’t let water go through
  • You can place more blocks on top of moss blocks (including fire, paintings, cakes, vines, etc.)
  • All mobs are able to pathfind through moss
  • There are jungle vines introduced in lush caves
  • The English language screen reader pronounces Button A, not A Button as it did before this release
  • Slightly modified raising animation of tridents when used in first-person perspective
  • You can collect fish with empty buckets

We hope that these changes and tweaks will make your gameplay better and more comfortable.

And now, let’s talk about the new block and the new mob:

  • Deepslate Blocks generating as drops below the y=16 level. There are also this block’s ore variants, as well as chiseled, cobbled, polished, tile, brick, and cracked deepslate blocks.
  • Axolotl. This new mob has a very interesting behavior. It is very fun to monitor it and to interact with it. It spawns underwater and cannot live on land for more than two minutes. When on land, it starts drying out and can die unless it is not rehydrated promptly enough. If you have one or more buckets containing tropical fish, you can consider yourself the axolotl’s best friend, because this cutie can do anything for such a delight (follows the player and breeds). When it takes damage, the axolotl does not just lay and suffer. It pretends that it is dead, using this trick to fool the surrounding mobs and to rest until its health is fully restored. Below you can see a picture of different colored axolotls. You will never meet a blue axolotl because blue ones do not spawn naturally. They can be obtained only by breeding and the chances are low anyway.


In addition to all these features, the developers also made several technical changes and fixed:

  • A bug preventing lightning rods from working properly when they are hit by lightning
  • A bug making dripstones break incorrectly when pushed with pistons
  • A bug preventing spore blossoms from dropping correctly when someone shears them
  • Focused button not being read correctly by the screen reader
  • Wrong position of the trident in the player’s hand
  • Wrong position of the trident in mobs’ hands
  • A bug preventing rabbits from consuming carrots and other crops
  • Animals eating more than one food

We are sure that you can’t wait to try this version with all its surprises but don’t forget to make a copy of your existing Bedrock world first because otherwise you can lose it and won’t be able to access it in the future. Also remember that because this is a beta, you won’t be able to play in Realms and with people who use full versions while trying it.

If you want to let your friends know about the new release, feel welcome to share this article with them. We would also appreciate it if you could let us know your opinion about it by leaving feedback.

Visit our website often enough and you will always be up to date with the newest game versions and with the best mods, textures, and other MCPE novelties. Enjoy!

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