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We want our subscribers and guests to be always up to date with the latest MCPE-related news, so today we will inform you about all the fixes and

We want our subscribers and guests to be always up to date with the latest MCPE-related news, so today we will inform you about all the fixes and changes performed by the Mojang team in Minecraft Bedrock which is a brand-new beta version.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the developers did a great job at fixing many of the detected errors again. We must admit that the number of detected bugs was impressive, but happily, they managed to fix almost all of them. We will tell you about the fixed ones later, but first, we will let you know about the not yet solved ones. These are:

  • Glowing squids and axolotls cannot spawn in a natural way yet
  • Some village parts may generate underground for some reason

We are sure that these problems will be fixed very soon, but now let’s get to those who have been fixed. Because we want you to try the beta as soon as possible, we will enlist only the most serious problems. These were:

  • Axolotl-related problems: their leads having a wrong texture when attached, and their inability to spawn in other waters besides oceans
  • Deepslate-related problems: these blocks having an incorrect breaktime and having a wrong position in the Creative inventory
  • Dripstone-related problems: their pointed variants having an incorrect texture mapping, water/lava dripping way to slow from their tops, wandering traders and masons not trading them, and inability to use craft them using usual dripstones
  • Glowing lichen-related problems: placing them on sides of other blocks making the game to crash. And here is a good change done in relation to this lichen: now it will start appearing on the walls of underground water lakes
  • Glowing squid-related problems: leads not getting attached to them and to the simple squids and their inability to spawn in other waters besides oceans
  • Moss-related problems: not appearing as loot in shipwreck chests, not being traded by the wandering trader, and spreading only horizontally when fertilized
  • Dripleaf-related problems: not breaking entirely when a part of it is being broken, not dropping as items when their stems get broken, inability to compost the small ones.
  • Azalea and flowering azalea-related problems: not growing on azalea trees even when the trees are fertilized
  • Powder snow-related problems: giving horses a freezing effect even if they wear leather armor; giving a freezing effect to such mobs that usually feel comfortable in cold weather, for example snow golems; not melting when a mob on fire walks on it and not extinguishing its fire; giving a too low freeze damage to those mobs who enjoy heat; low movement speed of entities moving inside it; being too easily mineable, and not producing a fog effect when a player stands besides it.
  • Underwater-related problems: poor visibility and color not matching the Java edition
  • UI-related problems: users not being informed when trying to place a block below the minimal admitted building height
  • Graphics-related problems: fixed paintings failing to render, creeper’s aura failing o render when this mob is charged, and the textures specific to ray tracing being allocating when enabling this feature.
  • Command-related problems: wrong output message for the /stopsound command


Dear players, these are the most important bugfixes, but if you want to find out absolutely every detail about this beta, we suggest you watch the video trailer, or even better, download and try it!

Please note that while trying this version, you won’t be able to play in Realms and with your friends who use full versions. Also remember that you should back up your existing builds before installing it, otherwise you risk losing them.

Besides the latest game version, our website also features hundreds of free texture packs, mods, maps, and other game-related novelties. You are welcome to try them all for free! Enjoy!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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