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Dear Bedrock fans, we hope you already managed to try the earlier released betas of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update (Minecraft Bedrock

Dear Bedrock fans, we hope you already managed to try the earlier released betas of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update (Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Bedrock If you did, you already know approximately how grand and interesting this update is going to be, but until it gets developed and released, we have the chance to enjoy a lot of new features, changes, and bugfixes brought by betas. Today we have a new one to check and this is Minecraft Bedrock

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time the game developers resolved many problems affecting the following features:

  • Multiplayer: command /kick not working as it should
  • Commands: “CommandBlocksEnabled” gamerule not affecting minecarts with command blocks
  • UI: bugs affecting the cursor sensitivity and the keyboard settings
  • Mobs: axolotls having an incorrect behavior when playing dead, skeletons not turning into strays inside powder snow blocks, all mobs failing to pathfind through powder snow, glow squids failing to emit sounds when dropping ink, almost minimal chances to obtain screamer goats by breeding ordinary and screamer goats, and piglins ignoring raw gold
  • Blocks: Shulkers failing to teleport when broken below a certain level, wrong powder snow block mining time, flowering and ordinary azalea leaves not dropping correctly when, raw copper, iron, and gold items and blocks having a wrong texture, clocks and compasses having outdated textures, copper not making the right sound when someone waxes it, leaves having a wrong texture when placed on copper slabs, rooted dirt transforming into farmland blocks immediately when tilled.


All the issues have been fixed, but the developers also made some interesting changes in regards to the:

  • Mineshafts: those at –y also have minecarts with chests
  • Deepslate: infested variants can be discovered in extreme hill biomes
  • Copper block: Now to craft it, the player needs nine copper ingots
  • Spore blossom: it does not survive in water anymore
  • Spyglass: the items looked through it will render normally now and players can find it in the Equipment tab of their inventory
  • Stalactites: now they drop water faster when filling cauldrons

These are the most important fixes and changes brought by this beta version.

If you are an addon creator or a map maker, you will discover several good surprises that will help you in your activity too.

In case you are a newcomer to MCPE and do not know the features specific to beta versions yet, let us warn you that:

  1. This beta will replace your existing MCPE builds and you may lose them, so, before installing it, make a copy and keep it
  2. The builds you are going to create in this beta won’t be accessible using earlier versions so make copies of them too when you are done with trying the update
  3. The builds created in betas are less stable than the ones created in full versions
  4. While trying a beta, the player cannot join Realms and players who use full versions

Now that you know everything related to betas and to this specific one, it is time to enjoy it!

To be always up to date with the latest game-related news, visit our website as often as you can. This will also give you the possibility to check hundreds of free texture packs and other surprises. Enjoy!

Trailer of MCPE

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