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We believe you are a very active MCPE user and are following all the new game updates, so today we invite you to spend a little time exploring what

We believe you are a very active MCPE user and are following all the new game updates, so today we invite you to spend a little time exploring what updates and fixes the game developers done for Minecraft PE This is a brand new beta version of the long-expected Caves and Cliffs update.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the developers fixed many problems affecting all the game elements, including the graphics, the user interface, the experimental and non-experimental features, and the game’s technical side.

Before this release, the players faced issues affecting the:

  • User interface: There was no description of the experimental features and the worlds with such features were not labeled in any way. Also, the users didn’t get informed when attempting to access a version with experimental features into a game version where these features are not experimental anymore.
  • Graphics: a crash happening when ray tracing is used on Windows 10 and other problems implying ray tracing, as well as a bug making enchanted bows look darker than intended.
  • Mobs: Axolotls changing their colors when picked up with buckets and attacking invisible mobs, glow squids not being able to despawn and not producing spawn eggs when pick blocked in Creative mode, skeletons failing to emit sounds when transforming into strays, withers freezing in powdered snow, and bees failing to enter their nests.
  • Blocks: Wrong animation of amethyst buds/clusters, azalea on moss not transforming into a tree if bonemealed, impossibility to pick block small dripleaves and these leaves not turning into big ones as required when bonemealed, pointed dripstones not letting mobs pathfind around them, powder snow blocks not supporting many other blocks placed on top of them and such snow turning invisible in case the player extinguishes with it and in another manner simultaneously, iron and gold ores not dropping anything when mined
  • Items: projectiles and shields not bobbing even if this option is enabled and entire stack getting attached even if the user attempts to pick up just a part of it.

Other changes:

By installing this beta, you will also discover that:

  • The developers added controller tooltips for filling and emptying buckets of snow and lava and for using a spy glass
  • There are fewer amethyst geodes
  • Lava-filled aquifers appear in the world during its generation (underground)


  • The powder snow and deepslate textures are applied in an isotropic manner
  • Bees ignore berry bushes during their nectar-collecting process
  • Dedicated server log shows all the enabled Experimental features when the MCPE user loads his/her gaming world

For more details about this beta, we suggest you watch the trailer below and if you want to try it, feel free to do so, but don’t forget to back up your existing builds first because, as you already know, new versions replace the work in progress when installed and this way you risk losing everything you worked on until now. Another important beta-related feature you should know about is the fact that your access to non-beta players and to realms will be forbidden as long as you are trying this beta.

Dear friends, please share the news about this beta release with other MCPE and leave feedback to let us know your opinion about it.

Besides the latest game updates, our website also features hundreds of free maps, mods, texture packs, etc, so you are welcome to visit us as often as you want for a better MCPE experience. Enjoy!

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