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The release of new game updates is always good news, but this time, the news is not so good for all MCPE players, because Minecraft Bedrock

The release of new game updates is always good news, but this time, the news is not so good for all MCPE players, because Minecraft Bedrock is not available on devices working on Android system. Even if you are part of this category of players, we still recommend you read this article because the fixes brought by it are very important.

Last week we learned about Minecraft Bedrock when the Mojang team carried out very many bugfixes. This time, they also focused on fixing the existent problems, because the quality of the gameplay is very important both for the players and for the game developers.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This week, the game developers fixed issues affecting:

  • Blocks (players not being able to place flowering and ordinary azalea into pots, glow lichens not dropping the correct items when sheared, impossibility to use frosted ice in commands accepting blocks)


  • Mobs (villagers refusing to accept pumpkins while trading, baby horses having an incorrect height, axolotls getting stuck when moving on slabs, glow squid turning black when someone attacks it, goats failing to ram when on certain blocks, strays dropping incorrect items when attacked by creepers, baby turtles despawning sometimes)
  • UI (“reset to default” button not resetting certain sliders properly, spelling errors in the “how to play” tab for the loom, graphical problems affecting the counters on empty tabs in the play screen)
  • Vanilla parity (multiple parity issues regarding ink sacs and glow ink sacs and how they are used to color the signs)

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, the developers also fixed other problems related to other in-game aspects. These were:

  • Game crashing when the Experimental Features toggle is enabled and the player performs certain actions, for example breaks blocks or kills mobs
  • Diamond ores generating differently comparing to earlier game versions
  • Disenchanting with grindstone not removing the XP cost for later item repair
  • Underwater fog not accounting for different biome colors
  • Jukebox not ejecting music discs properly
  • Incorrect bastion loot
  • Players floating in the air as if they are swimming in certain situations
  • Multiple technical problems

Dear Bedrock players, we have enlisted the most noticeable and serious problems that thankfully have been fixed, but if you are looking for more details about this beta version, we suggest you watch the video below this article.

Please be generous and share the news about the present release with your Minecraft PE friends even if they are Android users and cannot enjoy it. We are sure they will appreciate this.

To be always up to date with the latest game versions, continue visiting our website as often as possible. This way you will also have the chance to try many new texture packs, maps, and other cool surprises. Enjoy!

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