Minecraft PE 1.17.0

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 is the first part of the major update we have been waiting for for such a long time. Perhaps you are thinking why was it divided

Minecraft PE 1.17.0 is the first part of the major update we have been waiting for for such a long time. Perhaps you are thinking why was it divided into two parts and why couldn’t the Mojang team release a normal full version? If you are following our website, you have probably noticed how many Caves and Cliffs features have been developed and changed during the last several months. Their number is absolutely fantastic, so they just couldn’t fit them all in a single game version. We will stay tuned for the second part of this grand update, but for now, let us study the features of the present one.


Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

We are sure you are an active MCPE player and have been following all the Caves and Cliffs features introduced by the game developers in the previously-released betas. Now they are all part of our worlds on an official basis and you won’t have to enable any experimental features in order to enjoy them. There are also several other changes that will be a surprise for you. They are not as spectacular as those we already know about, but in complex, all of them will make our gaming world simply amazing!


  • Axolotls. These cute little mobs spawn underwater.


  • Goats. Mobs living in the mountains. Their favorite activities are jumping and ramming into other mobs and players.


  • Glow Squids. Fantastic underwater creatures that drop glow ink sacs upon death.


  • Copper ores (Have many variants)
  • Dripstones
  • Pointed dripstones
  • Amethysts (can be found in amethyst geodes and have a lot of variants)




  • Powdered snow
  • Raw ores


  • Glow Berries
  • Azalea
  • Dripleaf plants
  • Cave vines
  • Spore blossoms
  • Moss
  • Rooted dirt
  • Deepslate

Some of these blocks and several old ones have been retextured. Note that some spawn naturally and others can be found in shipwrecks and mineshafts. The wandering trader also enriched his trading collection with some of these blocks.


  • Glow Ink Sacs (dropped by glow squids)
  • Glow Item Frames
  • Spyglasses


  • Candle and Candle cakes
  • Lightning rods

Other new features:

Besides all the above-mentioned surprises, you will also discover that there are three new achievements, new sounds played when the player gets damage from snow, fire, lava, water, a new main menu, and a loading screen panorama.

If you are interested in the technical aspect of the game, you will discover a lot of good changes and new features developed in that direction.

A lot of crashes and other problems have been successfully fixed too. From now on, you won’t have to worry that your game will crash when you switch between Character Creator items or that by ticking some blocks, they can grow too fast. Here are the most serious problems that have been fixed:

  • Crashes occurring when using Ray Tracing (affecting only the Windows 10 users) and when curing zombie villagers in other world dimensions
  • Rainbow Collection Trophy not getting unlocked when it should
  • Failure to see the achievement notifications (affecting only the Android users)
  • Entire stacks being picked up even if the player intends to pick up only a part of it
  • Players spawning in unsafe places when using a random world
  • View bobbing working even when it is disabled
  • Broken trident and bow animations
  • Bees failing to enter nests and beehives after existing them
  • Impossibility to pick up fish using water buckets
  • Broken water animation on PS VR
  • Several bugs affecting the user interface
  • Several bugs occurring when playing in Realms
  • Multiple problems preventing certain commands from working properly

For more detailed information about this legendary update, watch the video trailer below.

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Trailer of MCPE 1.17.0

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