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Of course, no version can compare to Minecraft PE 1.17 aka The caves & Cliffs Update Part One, but we still urge you not to miss the

Of course, no version can compare to Minecraft PE 1.17 aka The caves & Cliffs Update Part One, but we still urge you not to miss the newly-released betas because they may bring nice surprises too. For example, Minecraft PE which is the freshest beta, brings a very nice list of fixes, changes, and even a very cool new feature!

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

This beta’s visit card is the Candles. Now players can craft candles (Crafting one candle requires one honeycomb and one string) and light them up using flint & still. They can be used to decorate cakes, to make wishes, and as illuminating bodies. If you want to, you can collect candles in blobs (up to four candles) and light them simultaneously. The MCPE developers promise to work on this feature in future updates because they may cause some problems, even crashes, but anyway, we consider they are worth trying.


By installing this version, you will also discover that:

  • Empty buckets cannot be used to collect fish anymore
  • You can use the same touch control button for descending through powdered snow and for walking through scaffolding
  • Axolotls can spawn only in absolute darkness now
  • Glow squids will change their color depending on the light level of the place they are attacked in
  • Goats won’t be attacked back by mobs when they ram into them
  • The Choose new skin button will be displayed even if there are no imported skins

You may also notice that the following issues have been fixed:

  • Warning message being displayed each time split-screen players face guardians
  • Falling stalactites not provoking damage to mobs in liquids
  • Mobs getting fall damage before landing on blocks in case they are suspended in a cobweb
  • Evokers and iron golems acting aggressively in Peaceful difficulty mode
  • Broken player’s head animation when using emotes in the Character creator.

If you are a mapmaker or/and an addon creator, here are also several technical updates carried out in this beta that may interest you.

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