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Get ready to explore one really fantastic full game version, namely Minecraft Bedrock! This update brings together all the best fixes,

Get ready to explore one really fantastic full game version, namely Minecraft Bedrock! This update brings together all the best fixes, changes, and features developed for the earlier beta versions plus many new experimental features that will allow us to take a sneak peek at the upcoming second part of the grand Caves and Cliffs!

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

If you are searching to explore some great new components that are not yet officially part of the world and will be introduced only in the second part of the legendary update, don’t hesitate to download and install this version. We will enlist the available features below, but first, let us tell you how you can enjoy them. You will have to enable the Experimental Features as you did before part one was released. Please note that you won’t be able to turn these features off after creating the world and that by exploring them you may face some bugs and even game crashes. This is because the features are still under development. If you don’t want to risk, leave the Experimental Features toggle unchanged, but we think your curiosity will take over. Here are the features you will be able to explore:

  • A new gaming world height and depth (three hundred and twenty blocks up and sixty-four blocks down)
  • All existing ores being spread around the world differently than before
  • A new drop obtained from the goat upon its death (horns)
  • Skulk sensor (it was initially introduced as an experimental feature in Minecraft Bedrock
  • New kinds of aquifers. Some are water flooded and some are containing a lot of lava
  • Spaghetti/Cheese/Dripstone/Lush Caves
  • Mountain slopes/groves/snow-capped peak/meadows

This game update also brings two awesome new features, but if you managed to try Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Bedrock, you probably already know about them. These are:

  • Candles


  • Potted flowering and ordinary azalea



Of course, the MCPE developers did not forget to fix the problems, but most of these fixes have been brought together from all the beta versions released recently. These problems used to affect:

  • Mobs (goats, axolotls, guardians, and elder guardians, skeletons, strays, horses and all their variants, sea turtles, evokers, iron golems, glow squids, villagers)
  • Items (projectiles, signs, normal and glow ink sacs, pumpkins, firework rockets and stars, grindstone, lightning rod)
  • Blocks (stalactites, anvils, normal and flowering azalea, hanging roots, glow lichens, dripleaves)
  • Player’s user interface (player’s inventory, settings menu, character creator)

For more info about this version’s features before installing it, you are welcome to watch the clip trailer displayed below.

When you are ready, hit the button below the video to start enjoying the above-described update for free. We hope you won’t get too carried away by all the new features and will remember to share the news about this cool release with your MCPE friends. We would also appreciate it if you could let us know what you think about Minecraft PE by leaving feedback.

Continue visiting our website regularly if you want to be up to date with all the game-related news and to discover many other surprises that will make your MCPE experience even more fascinating! Enjoy!

Clip Trailer of MCPE Caves & Cliffs

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