Minecraft PE 1.18

All our website’s subscribers had the chance to spend a lot of quality time exploring the features brought by Minecraft PE 1.17 but since appetite

All our website’s subscribers had the chance to spend a lot of quality time exploring the features brought by Minecraft PE 1.17 but since appetite comes with eating, they asked for more. The game developers are always listening to all the requests carefully and are trying to satisfy the requests so they worked harder all these months and finally managed to develop another wonderful full game version and this is Minecraft PE 1.18. 

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18

The second part of Caves and Cliffs brings an incredible number of important and minor changes: starting with a totally different world generation and ending in azalea logs and sculk blocks. Let’s start with the most noticeable features:

Major changes:

  • Because the mountains became so high and the caves so deep, the world height (max Y=256) and depth (max Y=-64) was greatly extended
  • Many new caves and cave biomes including lush, dripstone, noise (spaghetti, noodle, cheese caves), and deep dark.



  • Many new mountain sub-biomes (meadows, groves, snowy slopes, lofty peaks, snow capped peaks)



  • A new mob: the Warden. Characteristics: spawning in deep dark biome, blind, very large, sensitive to vibrations (movements and sounds), knockback resistance, chest with animations, sounds and special powers, light dimming when it approaches.
  • Bundle: a craftable item used to stack any number of items and stacks of items
  • Sculk blocks, chute, veins, traps generating in the deep dark biome. Can be used in redstone
  • Underground cabins generating in the deep dark biome and containing barrels, cobwebs, candles (probably), large chests, blast furnace. Their floors will be made of cobblestone and the ceiling will be supported by stripped log beams

Minor changes:

  • More spruce trees, flowers, ice, regular and powdered snow generating in mountain biomes and sub-biomes






  • Deepslate, diorite, calcite, tuff, etc generating in caves
  • More kinds of aquifers generating in caves
  • Ore veins generating in caves
  • Clay pools generating in caves (namely the lush ones)
  • Fossils generating in caves
  • Horns dropped by goats upon their death
  • Azalea logs

Dear players, if you want to learn more details about all these and other developed changes, we recommend you watch the video below the present article.

We hope we satisfied your curiosity regarding the second legendary game update released in 2021. Please be a generous friend and make the first day of winter better by sharing this article with other players and by leaving feedback to let us know what you think about the new features that interested you most.

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Video of MCPE 1.18

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