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Did you already manage to explore all the features brought by Minecraft PE That was a joke. Of course you did because except for one fix

Did you already manage to explore all the features brought by Minecraft PE That was a joke. Of course you did because except for one fix there was nothing to explore. Minecraft PE is totally different. This beta brings a lot of technical updates, but we will leave them for the map makers and addon creators. It also brings many bugfixes and changes done in relation to the experimental and non-experimental features and even a brand new mountain biome!

What`s new in Minecraft Bedrock

We will start with the most amazing news and changes brought by this version. These are:

  • Like we already mentioned, a new mountain biome! It is called Stony Peaks and it contains a lot of gravel. This is what makes it different from the Snow Capped Peaks and Lofty Peaks.


  • The Mountain Meadow’s vegetation was improved
  • All the dripstone features and the dripstone clusters were moved to the Dripstone Biome
  • The ore generation was improved
  • Clouds generate at a different level now
  • The placement of certain biomes was modified
  • The river sizes have been modified
  • The terrain shapes have been modified
  • The trees from swamps generate deeper than before in water
  • Deepslate generates deeper than before and the dripstone features generate at the same level
  • The positions of small dripleaf features were modified
  • Vines generate inside Lush Caves and can grow below the y=0 level
  • All villagers generate in the style of their biome
  • All beehives in the Bedrock world face south
  • The color tint for default Steve was improved
  • Villagers do not spam doors open anymore
  • Amethyst geodes generate in strongholds less often and do not break end portals anymore
  • The mob pathing around blocks and partial blocks was improved

These are the most important changes, but the MCPE developers also fixed a lot of issues affecting the:

  • User Interface (directional keys and d-pad not functioning normally, players receiving error messages in certain situations, start screen sign-in text overlapping certain buttons, etc)
  • Structure Blocks (trapdoors loaded using them not rotating as they should)
  • Mobs (Pillagers and the way they wear their armor, vindicators and the way they hold their axes, etc)
  • Graphics (sky being visible even in deep caves which is not quite natural)
  • Character Creator (game crashing when using it, players getting strange messages when their friends change their skins, etc)
  • Blocks (candle cakes not working as intended, fallen stalactites being offset, powdered snow becoming invisible when the player walks away from it, etc)

As you can see from this article, this is a beta worth trying, but if you want to find out even more details about it, we invite you to watch the video below.

We hope the following game versions will be as interesting as the one we discussed above or even better and we are sure that the MCPE developers are preparing nice surprises for all of us, so keep visiting our website and stay tuned. Between game releases, you can check our Maps, Mods, and other sections. You will find a lot of cool things there. Enjoy!

Video of MCPE

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Minecraft PE

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