Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Perhaps you already noticed that we try to publish articles about the most recent game updates as soon as they are released. These days the Majong

Perhaps you already noticed that we try to publish articles about the most recent game updates as soon as they are released. These days the Majong team developed two really great versions, both of them full of new possibilities, good changes, and numerous bug fixes. We will start by describing the biggest and most interesting one which is a full version and it is called Minecraft PE 1.17.30

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

This version brings great news! By installing it you will discover that:

  • The developers improved the biome and terrain generation. 
  • They also introduced large ore veins for a better mining strategy. 
  • Another interesting new feature is the noodle caves. Thanks to their shapes, they will create pathways between the large caves. 
  • There are also two new functions that you may find useful. One of them is called Corner Mode and it was developed to help define areas to be saved and the other one is a game rule called Respawn Blocks Explode and it helps prevent respawn anchors and beds from exploding.

  • The audio settings were subject to improvements too. Now the Player volume slider covers more sounds including the ones when walking on moss, amethyst and deepslate. 
  • Another different thing you will discover by installing this version is that you can explore caves for as long as you want without being bothered by monsters. For this, you will have to light up at least one light source because the mobs spawning in caves will be able to do it only in complete darkness. 

In addition to this, the game developers made many technical updates and improved the game stability. They also fixed many issues affecting: 

  • Mobs (iron golems spawning process, cartographers and the maps they offer, axolotls and their spawning and catching, Phantoms spawning process, Goats and their horns, Skeletons and the way they hold their bows, Ghasts spawning process, Magma Cubes spawning process, etc)
  • Blocks (Vines, Enchantment Tables and the light they emit, pointed Dripstones when falling, Bubble Column positions, Light Block positions when held, Candles, Pumpkins when trading with a villager, Shulker Boxes, Monster Spawners, Powder Snow, Beds, Chests, Dispensers, etc)
  • Items (tridents and other projectiles, Elytra used while eating chorus fruit, spyglasses, shields, clock, and compass in the recipe book, brewing stand, soul speed boots, shears, campfires, etc.)
  • Audio Settings 
  • Text to Speech
  • UI (the hotbar, crosshair in multiplayer, text translation, loading bars, recipe book, crafting recipes, spelling in the Character Creator, IME, sidebar text, Japanese font, text editor, etc.)
  • Realms
  • Commands

Dear friends, this is the main information about this version, but you can always watch the video trailer if you want to find out more details. 

Please be a generous friend and share this article with other players and leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about all these changes. 

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Video of MCPE 1.17.30

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