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We always mention how important is to visit our website regularly, because this is the only way to find out about all the latest game versions as

We always mention how important is to visit our website regularly, because this is the only way to find out about all the latest game versions as soon as they are released. The last few weeks were very busy for the Majong team. They managed to develop full and beta versions of both Caves and Cliffs update part one and part two. We will start with an awesome full version bringing interesting changes and this release is called Minecraft PE

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The game developers resolved the following problems: 

  • Several crashes, two of them happening when using the Character Creator and when the player has internet connection issues while playing in Realms
  • Marketplace downloads failing (issue affecting only the Switch users)
  • World settings not transferring to Realms when the player replaces worlds
  • Issues affecting the player’s behavior when eating, using a nether portal, uses Elytra to fly, and when exploring caves
  • Issues affecting certain mob behavior and textures (tropical fish, villagers, bees, cartographers, pillagers, vindicators, and iron golems)

  • Issues affecting certain blocks (falling stalactites, top snow and powder snow, grass, sea grass, and trap doors)
  • Issues affecting the player’s user interface
  • Issues affecting the Character Creator
  • Issues affecting Realms
  • Issues affecting commands (/summon, /scoreboard, and @e [type=])
  • Technical issues

These issues are not everything the game developers worked on when doing this version. They also:

  • Developed a brand-new mountain biome where instead of ice and snow you can discover many stones and gravel
  • Improved the world generation below the y=0 level when the Experimental Features toggle is on
  • Made clouds generate at the y=192 level
  • Made new flat worlds generate starting with the y=-64 level
  • Made villages look according to the biome they generate in
  • Made old flat worlds higher
  • Made copper ores generate up to the y=96 level

The MCPE developers also focused on the technical part of the game and made a lot of good changes, but for an ordinary player, they are of no interest. The map makers and addon creators may find them very helpful though. 

Dear friends, this game version is better than many others because the builds created in it will be much stabler and because it brings so many amazing changes. Please share the news about its release with other players, and leave feedback. 

We hope you will return to visit us soon because there are many other surprises from the Majong team we want to inform you about. In addition, you can try all our Maps, Mods, and other downloads for free. Enjoy!

Video of MCPE

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.40 for Android

Minecraft PE

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