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Last week the Bedrock developers released Minecraft PE, but let’s admit it: there was nothing much to explore. The beta brought only six

Last week the Bedrock developers released Minecraft PE, but let’s admit it: there was nothing much to explore. The beta brought only six changes, but anyway, if a change is done for the better, the game itself becomes better too, even if this happens gradually. Minecraft PE that was released a few days ago and that we will shortly discuss in the present article will take more time to explore because it contains more features, so let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

By installing this beta, you will notice that a lot of issues have been fixed. Most of the fixes were done in relation to technical problems, problems affecting the world generation, the game’s stability, etc. 

Issues that were successfully fixed:

  • Mobs: Villagers, foxes, and rabbits spawning with an incorrect appearance and goats not spawning at all in certain mountain biomes 
  • Blocks: water blocks flowing incorrectly, structure blocks breaking amethyst clusters and buds and big dripleaves inside them, copper not oxidizing in all dimensions, glow lichens facing a wrong direction, firedamage gamerule set to false not affecting magma blocks, falling blocks having broken animations, walls rising incorrectly under candles, etc. 
  • Graphics: camera working incorrectly when going to bed while flying with elytra, light blocks not responding to their breakage when returning from the nether or from the end, some blocks’ textures using old, outdated materials, etc 
  • Marketplace: purchased coins not being visible, their updated number becoming available only after the game is being relaunched. 
  • UI: Achievements button being inaccessible, wrong scrolling content panel height, player’s username being written incorrectly after adding him/her to friends, etc  
  • World generation: some biomes being inconsistent when playing in Realms, failed transition from stone to deepslate between the 0 and 8 y levels, copper ores missing from deepslate caves. 
  • Commands: /effect applying a wrong potion effect called “empty”.
  • Other issues: food cooldown visual being white, wrong frost walker enchantment’s freezing range, farmer villagers picking up more than the intended number of pickable stacks, monster spawners not working when the chunks where they are placed are being reloaded, some achievements not being available, certain foods failing to apply effects, etc.


Dear Bedrock users, the game developers also managed to do a lot of technical updates, so if you are a map maker and/or an addon creator, you can celebrate because from now on your work can become much more interesting and productive than before. 

We hope you are as happy as we are about this fresh release and if you are, please share this article with other players so they can enjoy it too. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback telling us what you think about the carried-out changes. 

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Video of MCPE

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Minecraft PE

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