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A while ago we published an article about Minecraft Bedrock In it, we mentioned that now we can use a new Experimental Features toggle.

A while ago we published an article about Minecraft Bedrock In it, we mentioned that now we can use a new Experimental Features toggle. By activating it, players can enjoy features from the  Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Wild Update that will be released this year. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact date when this will happen but instead, we have managed to find out about a lot of its features and we want to share this information with you. 

Features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

We are all expecting the Wild Update as we did in the case of Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 and Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 (The Caves and Cliffs Update) released last year. The developers of the Mojang Studios promise to make it a really great one by improving all the present world features, adding new blocks structures, and mobs, using better textures, and much more. Some of the upcoming features are: 


The developers promise to make great changes to the already existing biomes. They want to make them really beautiful and unique and add new blocks, items, etc. The picture below displays an example of a random biome that you will be able to explore. 

In addition, you will also discover two new biomes. One of them is very nice and full of flora and fauna and the second is a very dark and scary place. These biomes are:

  • The Mangrove Swamps. This is a really amazing place to visit because it contains many beautiful trees, swamps, insects, and animals. One kind of tree that grows here is the Mangrove Tree and you will be able to use its wood, leaves, and other elements in crafting things like stairs and doors. 

  • The Deep Dark. This biome is a place that only the most courageous players will have the guts to visit because it is very scary. Inside it, you will find many skulk blocks that spread thanks to a new kind of block that activates when some mobs die nearby. This block is called the Skulk Catalyst. Besides this, there are a few other major features that are connected to this biome, but we will talk about them later.


With the grand update we are talking about, our Bedrock worlds will become much livelier thanks to several new mobs which are:

  • The Frogs. If you are reading the articles published on our website regularly, you have probably already heard about the frogs and if you managed to install and try Minecraft Bedrock, you probably even met several of them. These little creatures may spawn in different biomes and their textures, colors, and behavior depend on the place they appear in. 

  • The Tadpoles. These are baby frogs that can live only in water, unlike the adult ones. If placed on land, they will die after a very short time. Tadpoles can be collected with a bucket. 
  • The Warden. This mini-boss can be found only in the Deep Dark (see description above). It is extremely hostile and has very strong attack damage. He looks very majestic thanks to its size (approximately three and a half blocks) and armor chest that glows in the dark. When this monster is near, you will hear scary sounds that become more frequent with each of his steps.  He is blind, but he senses vibrations and sounds better than anyone else, so don’t even try walking around him in your usual way. A solution to avoid him sensing you is to sneak. 

  • The Fireflies. These are tiny insects and for now, we do not know if they will be able to interact with other mobs or with the players. All we know is that they fly and make the world around them more beautiful. During the nighttime, they glow. 
  • The Allays. Frankly, we do not know what kind of creatures are these, but they look like tiny flying pixies. They are very friendly and fun to monitor because they dance every time they hear music. Besides this, they like collecting items. You can use this characteristic to your benefit by giving it a specific object and they will bring back stacks of it after collecting it all over the Minecraft Bedrock world.

More Features

  • Ruined City. This is a very big structure that can be found in the Deep Dark. This is a very dark place where you will discover basalt, candles, soul sand. The good thing is that it also contains a lot of useful loot, but we must warn you that it won’t be easy to obtain it because this is the place where Warden spawns. 
  • Boats with chests. Thanks to these advanced kinds of boats, you will be able to travel with all your things and you won’t have to worry about not having enough space for them in your inventory. 

  • Mud. The Mangrove Swamps is the place where you can find this new kind of material, but you can also craft it by yourself. Mud can be used to make mud bricks that will serve you well in building houses or to make clay (for this, you should place mud on stalagmites).

Continue visiting us as often as possible and we will tell you more about 1.19 as soon as we learn something from the game developers, but until then, share this article with other players so they can know what to expect from the Wild Update too, and leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about all the above-described features. Enjoy!

Video of MCPE 1.19

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