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Almost all the game versions released since Minecraft PE contain changes and improvements done in relation to the Wild Update Experimental

Almost all the game versions released since Minecraft PE contain changes and improvements done in relation to the Wild Update Experimental Features. Minecraft PE, the beta we are talking about in this article, does too. Its changes make frogs even better and more interesting to monitor. Of course, besides the frog-related improvements, you will also discover many other changes and fixes, so, if you are curious, keep reading. 

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Install this version if you want to see frogs jump, move their tongues, and swim better than before. You will also notice that their eggs hatch more quickly and that they have a new texture. The game developers also modified the size of the tadpoles’ hitboxes. 

Another good feature brought by this version is a totally redesigned Create New World screen. Below you can see what it looks like. 

Another important thing you should know is that the game developers decided that the Additional Modding Capabilities should be removed from the Experimental features, but we hope they will replace this toggle with something better as soon as possible. 

Besides these changes, there are several other ones that are not so important, but you can discover all of them by installing the beta. There is also more detailed information about them in the video below this article. 

Like they always do, the game developers also fixed a number of problems that they discovered individually or were told about by the MCPE players. The most serious ones were: 

  • A game crash occurring when using the Dressing Room
  • Player’s hands moving incorrectly when pulling back a bow in the third person
  • Players being able to leash only the tamed wolves, this trick not working on the untamed ones
  • Falling blocks having an incorrect hitbox
  • Journeyman Clerics not offering the correct items
  • Players not being able to place lava buckets on waterlogged blocks
  • Players not being able to place water buckets on waterlogged blocks
  • Players with a “visitor” status being able to break certain items, while they shouldn’t
  • Bells not ringing continuously as they should when ringed while holding a chargeable object
  • Players being able to activate Elytra while riding
  • Mobs not being able to pathfind in different situations
  • Villager’s trades not being accessible while holding a spawn egg
  • Tropical fish and other such mobs spawning only in certain kinds of oceans
  • Players seeing items that require certain recipes even if they are not using the crafting table at the moment
  • Players failing to take off their armor using the crafting table
  • Many bugs affecting the villagers and the way they trade
  • Several technical bugs

In this article, we tried to enlist the most noticeable features, but if you want to find out about all of them, download and install the version. 

We hope that you have friends who enjoy playing Minecraft Bedrock too so that you can share the news about this release with them and if you want to tell us your opinion on it, feel welcome to leave feedback. 

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Video of MCPE

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