Minecraft PE 1.18.10

Minecraft PE 1.18.10 is a full game version that all of us waited for a long time because even if the betas released lately are cool enough and

Minecraft PE 1.18.10 is a full game version that all of us waited for a long time because even if the betas released lately are cool enough and bring new mobs, blocks, and other features, might be quite unstable. Many players prefer waiting for the release of a full version to try all these features because there are fewer chances to have the game crashing and facing other related issues. Moreover, they can join Realms and other players who use full versions.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10

You are probably already familiar with all this update’s features if you are subscribed to our website and reading the articles we publish regularly, so we will enlist only the most noticeable ones, letting you install the long-awaited release sooner. 

Vanilla Parity Changes

  • The textures of very many vanilla blocks and items have been updated
  • The redstone signals emitted by certain music discs have been adjusted
  • Most trade tables have been updated
  • The frequency of decoration features in diverse biomes has been adjusted
  • The brightness level of glowing lichens has been adjusted
  • Some behavioral moments affecting the way the Iron Golems crack when damaged, get repaired when required, and the way they attack players have been modified

  • The emerald icon that used to appear on top of the villager’s head during trading has been removed
  • The Globe Banner Pattern has been added

Wild Update Changes

Since the Mojang team added the new experimental toggle in Minecraft PE, the players had the chance to activate several features from the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.19. These are:

  • Sculk Blocks
  • Frogs (they have been added under the experimental toggle since the release of Minecraft PE
  • Tadpoles

  • Froglights

If you are interested to find out more about these cool features, we suggest you check the articles about the beta version released lately. You can find them all in our News section. 

Technical Changes

The number of technical updates and fixes is truly impressive (more than one hundred). Thanks to them, we hope that the activity of all the content creators will become even more productive and we will be able to present their creations to our subscribers. 


The most active players are very attentive towards details and they always inform the game developers about them. Usually, they get fixed promptly and effectively. All the fixes brought by this full version were also gathered from the previous betas and the most serious ones were related to:

  • The general game performance and stability (multiple crashes happening in different situations, performance drops, entities not saving after closing the game, etc.)
  • The world generation (dripstone features, lava pools, corals, certain plants and trees, copper ores, fossils, lily pads, icebergs, igloos, aquifers, mineshafts, and other features failing to generate at all or generating incorrectly)
  • The Screen Reader
  • The UI (Achievement button not always working correctly, scrolling panel bugs, boss bar not working correctly, spelling issues, Realm button bugs, etc)
  • The Blocks (animation, orientation, and behavioral issues affecting copper, water, amethyst features, big dripleaves, dripstones, glow lichens, magma, falling blocks, etc)
  •  The Items (animation and functionality bugs affecting shields, furnaces, bows, foods, and maps)
  • The Mobs (animation, spawning, and behavioral bugs affecting axolotls, villagers, slimes, goats, skeleton horsemen, cats, normal and elder guardians, ender dragon, etc.)

The information we provided above is general, but if you prefer finding out more details about this update before installing it, watch the trailer below this article. 

Please be generous and share the good news about this grand release with your friends, and leave feedback. 

Stay tuned because we are sure that the Mojang team prepares many other cool surprises and we want you to be among the first to find out about them. Enjoy!

Video of MCPE  1.18.10


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