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If you are one of those players who do their best to keep up to date with the latest news related to the Mojang Team’s activity, you shouldn’t miss

If you are one of those players who do their best to keep up to date with the latest news related to the Mojang Team’s activity, you shouldn’t miss the release of Minecraft PE which happily contains more features than Minecraft PE 1.18.12 which was released previously. In this article, we will describe the most important ones.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

This beta brings several good news. These are: 

  • A new popup message warning players that they already have an equipped skin when they are trying to equip a new one from the Marketplace skin packs
  • A new possibility for purchasing coins that can be found in the Coin Purchase screen 
  • The new possibility to join each other’s game for the iOS and Windows Minecraft Preview users
  • Better mob attack damage calculation
  • Better protection reduction calculation
  • Removal of certain farm animals from cold taigas
  • Modification of damage provoked by spiders, baby zoglins, skeletons, wolves, shulker bullets, small magma cubes, blazes, and fang attacks
  • The fact that players do not get attacked by baby hoglins anymore
  • Technical experimental features updates

Like they always do, the developers of the Mojang team also fixed a number of problems. The most serious ones were: 

  • Failure to recognize actor definition identifiers if the item’s name contains dots
  • Ender Dragon breath not dealing any damage
  • Players not being able to descend while flying if there are any kinds of vines or ladders below
  • Player’s position changing after exiting the game while being in lava 
  • Shield transition disappearing in certain situations
  • Carrot stage 3 file name being incorrect

  • Bees becoming angry when players attack their nests with silk touch
  • Buttons on d-pads staying pressed as long as the user does not remove his/her finger
  • World crashing when using the controller to access the search bar
  • Incorrect text on the new UI 
  • World crashing when choosing the View More option in the Marketplace
  • Tags not fitting in the description section of the Marketplace
  • Download popups flickering when closing them
  • “Groovin”, “Fake Death” and other emotes rotating strangely near the end of their animations

These are all the changes and fixes you will discover by installing the current beta. Please share this article with all your friends and leave feedback. 

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