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We are glad that we can keep you informed about all the news related to Minecraft Bedrock. Besides one of the widest selection of mods, maps, texture

We are glad that we can keep you informed about all the news related to Minecraft Bedrock. Besides one of the widest selection of mods, maps, texture packs, and other content, we try to give our subscribers the possibility to try the latest updates among the first. Today we want you about the most recent beta called Minecraft PE

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

First of all, we want to tell you about the most interesting features that you will be able to monitor and enjoy by installing this beta. These are:

  • Improvements related to the Experimental Features: Sculk Shrieker behaves depending on the Sculk Sensor’s particles and the threat level making the Warden show up is lower. We must mention that we cannot enjoy the Warden’s presence in our worlds yet, but hopefully, this will happen in one of the next game updates. 
  • Vanilla Parity Changes. Starting with this update, you will notice that the nether and diamond armors have durability levels. The obtained damage depends on the armor’s durability. These two armors also have knockback resistance, but the netherite one is lower. The damage made by punching is not as strong as before. 

  • Technical Updates. The developers made many changes affecting this side of the game, but the most important one is the testing of the Rending Dragon on all iOS and Android devices. 

Of course, like they always do, the game developers together with the most active players, detected a number of problems affecting the Bedrock game and fixed them. The most serious ones were: 

  • Lava or water interfering with the player when flying in creative mode
  • Farmer Villagers not picking up, using, and creating bonemeal as those in the Java edition do
  • Protection enchantment not applying its defense boost on many damage attacks, for example, dragon breath and wither
  • Falling on stalagmites not dealing the correct fall damage
  • Absorption hearts staying yellow instead of having wither hearts texture when taking wither damage
  • Some bits of the glowing squid not shining as the rest of the mob
  • Fire overlay rendering behind the player who is on fire when the camera perspective is set to first person or third person back
  • Leather armor elements being displayed incorrectly on the paperdoll
  • Players not being informed and warned when equipping skins from the Marketplace
  • Tropical Fish Buckets showing an incorrect name in certain scenarios
  • Ravagers ignoring wandering traders while they should attack them
  • Multiple shulkers spawning incorrectly in one block and other bugs affecting shulkers
  • Korean and Chinese language being displayed incorrectly in the Create New World’s text box
  • Cartographers not selling woodland explorer maps
  • Resuming or suspending the game provoking a crash on Android
  • Sand floating on snow layer instead of replacing it
  • TNT-related bugs occurring when turning on the TNT explodes game rule
  • Terrain around villages rendering incorrectly during world generation

If you want to check all these bug fixes, and most importantly, the awesome new changes, download and install this version, but don’t forget to share the news about its release with other players so they can check it too. 

Keep following our website and recommend it to your friends so that you can continue to stay informed about all the upcoming game-related news. Enjoy your experience!

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