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Last week, with the release of Minecraft PE, the developers of the Mojang team started to get ready for Warden’s spectacular arrival in

Last week, with the release of Minecraft PE, the developers of the Mojang team started to get ready for Warden’s spectacular arrival in our Bedrock worlds. This week they continued to introduce interesting features in the Deep Dark but get ready because these are not all the surprises you are going to discover by installing Minecraft PE

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

Since we started talking on the topic of Deep Dark, let us tell you about these features first. 

  • Deep Dark, Sculk. The Sculk Catalyst looks different now. Here are its main characteristics: mobs that die near it do not drop their XP as they normally do but their death place will emit a bubbling charge and this charge will look for a way to find stones or other suitable substrates in order to transform into sculk. If you wonder how to find out the charge’s value, this is very easy. It corresponds to the xp value the dead mob would have dropped in different circumstances. Every time the charge transforms a block into sculk, one value point will diminish. While traveling through veins, the charge may decay on its own but this happens slower when there are sculk catalysts in the vicinity. In case two or more charges travel in the same direction, they may merge, and this way their values will add up. 
  • The Darkness Effect. This effect will also help you get used to the environment when the Warden arrives. It makes the lightning diminish in regular pulses letting you know that the danger is near. The MCPE developers suggest you never visit this place without a torch.

Other two great surprises brought by this week’s update are:

  • The Allays: flying mobs that take an item from the player and follow him/her everywhere collecting similar items and giving them to the owner. Because allays like music, they drop the held item when seeing a Note Block, but continue their collecting activity after half a minute. We must admit that these mobs are extremely cute. Their presence can be enjoyed by turning on the experimental features toggle. To find out more details about them, access the article about Minecraft PE 1.19

  • Better Touch Controls. To discover how the updated touch controls work, go to the Settings menu, click on the Touch option and choose to enable the New Touch Control Schemes.

The game developers also made a number of technical updates and fixed many issues. Below we will enlist the most serious ones: 

  • New Create New World Screen UI not having a seed picker
  • Invite button always being displayed as “disabled”
  • Villagers continuing to trade even when burning in fire
  • Magma Blocks not being visible when it’s dark (issue also affecting sculk sensors)
  • Light level remaining the same even after the player breaks light blocks
  • Commands and functions affecting players regardless of the dimension they are in
  • Azaleas not breaking from running water (issue also affecting lily pads)
  • Glow Lichens sometimes floating instead of being attached to certain blocks in mineshafts and strongholds
  • Acacia trees grown in the negative Y values not generating the required amount of leaf blocks
  • Shulker duplicating when hit by a shulker bullet
  • Blaze fireballs failing to deal knockback
  • Scaffoldings treating y=0 as solid blocks at any y and z coordinates
  • Iron golems failing to spawn on blocks that they should spawn on (issue also affecting cats).

Dear friends, we have enlisted the major problems that have been fixed this week, but the game developers also removed a big number of less serious ones. If you are really curious and want to find out more detailed information, there is the traditional video of this release’s description below this article. 

We know that now you want to stop reading and are ready to meet the allays and to explore the new Deep Dark features, so have a nice experience, but don’t forget about your friends. Share the news about this release with all of them. 

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Video of Minecraft Bedrock

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