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Our website is among the first who informs its subscribers about the latest game versions and about other news affecting Minecraft Bedrock. This week

Our website is among the first who informs its subscribers about the latest game versions and about other news affecting Minecraft Bedrock. This week the Mojang team released not one, but two updates, but in this article, we will focus on the first one which is  Minecraft PE  beta and contains very interesting features, especially experimental ones. 

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The most noticeable changes brought by this beta affect the experimental features meant to prepare us for the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.19. Enable the Wild Update toggle to discover updates made in relation to the:

  • Allays. Now they prefer spending more time near note blocks, do not pick up items that are not absolute copies of the item they already hold, rests for a short while after finding an object, and does not receive damage from its owner
  • Deep Dark. The atmosphere here becomes even more mysterious than before. Everything is covered in skulk and ready for the Warden. 
  • Boat with Chest. You were probably already waiting for this new feature if you read the article about the upcoming Wild Update. This works like a normal chest but is attached to a boat so you can use it both for traveling on water and for transporting your goods. 

If any of the following issues bothered you before, you can forget about them, because the game developers fixed them successfully.

  • Low sensitivity, incorrect button size and other several bugs affecting the new touch control schemes (see the article about Minecraft PE
  • World generation not making lava lakes turn into obsidian as intended
  • Mobs not getting any damage at all after being healed
  • Tick range check excluding the chunks that are in the range
  • Flowers next to snow layers breaking if the player breaks the snow
  • Baby hoglins ignoring players
  • Crouch button activating the fly mode
  • Sprint state stopping in case the player hits an obstacle, for example, a wall. 
  • Shields not disabling for a while after axe attacks like in the Java edition

Unfortunately, there is one serious problem that the MCPE developers could not fix in this beta. They have detected that chunks get corrupted below level y=0, but do not worry because they promised to fix this soon. 

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