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By exploring the betas released recently, for example, Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE, you probably noticed that the developers

By exploring the betas released recently, for example, Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE, you probably noticed that the developers of the Mojang Studios team are preparing the environment for the arrival of the mob whose name is on everybody’s lips lately, namely the Warden. By installing Minecraft PE you will finally have the chance to meet him, but don’t get too enthusiastic about this because he is far from being a friendly creature.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The most important features brought by this beta are about the experimental features, the ones that allow us to enjoy certain characteristics planned for the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.19.

  • The Deep Dark’s Ancient Cities. By exploring them, you will discover lots of chests that contain long-forgotten treasures and other rewards, but mind that they are guarded by sculk shriekers and sensors For now, you can locate them using a command. Here is where you can find reinforced deepslates too. The developers say that these new blocks cannot be obtained in any other way in MCPE yet.  
  • The Warden. This is probably the mightiest and most powerful mob in Minecraft PE. When there is no mob or player around disturbing him, he usually sleeps, but when he senses any vibrations or smells someone, he starts getting angry. His heartbeats become more frequent and when his patience ends, he emits a very horrible roar and attacks. Even if you are not in the Deep Dark biome, but above it and make too much noise, he may be informed about this by sculk shriekers and he can dig out. Even so, you can avoid being attacked by sneaking or by standing still, and in this case, the Warden will return to his place. Unfortunately, holding a shield won’t protect you from his anger. He can disable it with just one fist hit. If there is any loot around the Warden and you want to get it, you can distract him by throwing projectiles frequently.


While working on these new experimental features, the game developers were notified about several issues and they had to fix them too. These were:

  • When the player took damage from a pointed dripstone while wearing a helmet, the helmet used to become invisible and if he/she tried to move it, the game could crash
  • End City was not generating correctly in the End dimension
  • All mobs were getting the same knockback when attacked by iron golems, while those having knockback resistance should receive less
  • Worlds from Console Edition could provoke bugs  that used to make entities disappear in certain circumstances
  • Players could not leave the emote wheel screen sometimes
  • Downloaded custom skin packs not having a button to select skins

Thanks to the Warden and to the ancient cities, we are sure that this betta will be very popular among the MCPE players. Be among the first to try it!

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Video of Minecraft Bedrock

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