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After last week’s release, namely Minecraft PE which you must admit, was a very nice surprise, all the players are curious to find out what

After last week’s release, namely Minecraft PE which you must admit, was a very nice surprise, all the players are curious to find out what other features will the Mojang team develop and how will they improve the existing ones. Well, today is a perfect day to explore a new dose of cool updates brought by the new Minecraft PE

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This version brings a lot of cool changes and not only. These are:

  • Warden having a new set of animations played when he suffers damage.  His priorities towards his targets when attacking, his sniffing rage, and the way he tracks his victims were modified, so now you have to be extra careful when the Deep Dark guardian is around. Warden’s model UV also suffered several modifications.
  • The Goats, namely their horns have been updated too. Now they spawn more often near pillager outposts and make instant sounds. Unfortunately, we have bad news affecting horns. The copper ones have been removed for an undetermined period of time.


  • Allays regenerate more quickly now and do not make the game crash when a player that is not their owner tries to take away the items they are carrying.
  • The Boat with Chest has not been modified, but the game developers fixed a couple of bugs affecting its crafting and its name in the player’s inventory.
  • The Mud Bricks were also fixed and now they give the correct amount of bricks when crafting them.
  • Frogspawn’s name was modified (previously it was frog spawn) and these blocks make more sounds. So do the Froglight blocks.
  • Reinforced Deepslate cannot be pushed using a piston anymore.
  • The Recovery Compass is a very cool and useful new feature. It will show you where you died last time, but only if you did it in the same dimension. If you are in a different one, it will start spinning. Unfortunately, its crafting recipe requires a kind of shard that has not been introduced into the game yet. It is called Echo Shard. The MCPE developers promise to fix this next week, so stay tuned. In addition, you will also need an ordinary compass to make the new one.


  • The Sculk Shrieker was subject to major improvement actions. Now the shriek particles look different, changes the “can_summon” tag to false when placed (to prevent the warden from summoning), does not spawn Wardens when the user chooses to play in peaceful mode, and does not stop summoning him when the player runs away.  
  • The Spectator Mode. This feature is still under development and the developers are doing their best to make it available and functional as soon as possible.

Other Changes:

  • The inventory/hotbar is accessible again while riding a boat
  • Command blocks work normally after cloning them using the /clone command
  • The Pocket UI Profile contains the enchantment option as it should
  • The names of certain dyes have been corrected
  • The burning animation does not miss from the player in the lava cauldron when playing in creative mode
  • You can hold down the place button to place slabs continuously
  • Grass, vines, glow lichens and other gravity blocks fall correctly when placed on replaceable blocks.

Dear friends, these and other several less important changes can be enjoyed by downloading and installing the current version. For more details, check the video below.

We make everything possible to keep you informed about all the MCPE-related news, so visit us as often as possible. We also have a lot of free maps, mods, and other surprises on our website. You can download them for free, share them with your friends, and tell us what you think about them by leaving feedback. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

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