Minecraft PE 1.18.30

Dear friends, today we have to ask you to postpone exploring the new Wild Update features for a while because the Mojang Studios developed a very big

Dear friends, today we have to ask you to postpone exploring the new Wild Update features for a while because the Mojang Studios developed a very big and important full version of the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update and we recommend you check it because it contains all the most noticeable technical updates, bug fixes, changes, etc. from a lot of earlier betas. The version is called Minecraft PE 1.18.30 and if you want to know about it, keep reading this article.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.30

We are sure that you already know about the three features we will enlist below and you don’t consider them to be new anymore, but believe us, there is a good reason why we called them that. This is because the MCPE developers updated them so greatly that they are almost unrecognizable comparing to their initial versions. The fantastic thing is that the team does not consider this enough even now and promise to continue updating them. The features we are talking about are:

  • Render Dragon (now even more users on different platforms can enjoy the possibilities it offers)
  • Realms (n the present update the realms older than 18 months have been deleted for good)
  • Create New World Screen (better navigation, texts, design, etc)


If you are a content creator, this update will be a very good gift for you because it brings more than sixty technical updates. The most important ones (not necessarily useful in your future activity) are:

  • The removal of the Additional Moddin Capabilities toggle
  • The expansion of the Render Dragon on more platforms
  •  Better Addon Template Packs bringing new behaviors, resources, etc
  • The new “mob_amount” parameter for the Damage Event Response

And now let’s leave the technical topic and return to our gaming worlds. You will see that all the carried out changes and fixes will make your gaming experience much better because:

  • There will be fewer crashes
  • Your players will face no issues when flying in creative
  • Furnaces will work in a smoother way
  • The terrains that surrender villages will look better during world generation
  • Villagers will have a correct behavior when facing zombified piglins and when trading
  • Mobs will move better when jumping on or from certain blocks, and pathfinding between different kinds of blocks
  • Dolphins and other water-living creatures will start appearing in the very depths of the world’s oceans
  • There are more possibilities in the chat
  • UI elements work better
  • The in-game graphics are better

You will definitely also notice that an incredible number of Vanilla changes have been performed (almost sixty) The developers of the game paid special attention to the villagers, obtained damage calculations, and to the way the player’s hunger depletes.


If you are worried that you won’t be able to enjoy the new Wild Update features while exploring this version, don’t be. You can still find them in your worlds, but only by enabling the experimental features toggle. We are talking about all features except some new ones brought by the latest Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE versions, namely the mangrove swamps with their mud blocks and the recovery compasses. If this comforts you, the MCPE developers wanted to improve these features anyway so until a new beta is ready, have fun experiencing the present one.

After trying the new full version, we recommend you return to our website because we have a lot of free maps, mods, and other surprises that we would like you to try for free. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft PE 1.18.30

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