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Last week, the hard-working developers of the Mojang Studios team did a great job by releasing two absolutely awesome new game updates. This week,

Last week, the hard-working developers of the Mojang Studios team did a great job by releasing two absolutely awesome new game updates. This week, they did the same. They released Minecraft PE 1.18.31 which we already discussed recently and Minecraft PE It represents another beta of the upcoming Wild Update and it is very interesting. Don’t hesitate to explore it.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

One of this beta’s main features is a new experimental toggle that will allow you to experience:

  • The Spectator Mode. We must warn you that this is a very complex feature and making it work ideally takes time. The game developers ask us to be patient but at least we know it is there and we can even try it at its starter stage.

You will also discover major changes done in relation to the following Wild Update mobs:

  • The Allays. Now they make unique throwing sounds and you can collect an item that is stackable for them and add it to a stack.
  • The Frogs.  Now mud blocks do not sink them and their mouths’ textures do not break when they open them to consume something. The frogspawns and froglights were also improved because there were several bugs affecting them.
  • The Wardens. Their anger level was increased when they get bothered by projectiles (frequently and less frequently thrown in order to distract their attention). Now they also deal less damage and their cooldown periods of time became shorter too. Their attacks (ranged ones) were improved and they drop only a sculk catalyst in case of death.

Other Wild features that have been subject to modifications were:

  • The Mangrove biomes. Now the trees growing there do not grow in case the area above is obstructed, their foliage was improved and they can grow from saplings planted on mud if bonemealed. When cut with shears, the mangrove leaves will drop leaf blocks. Mangrove wood has become more functional and now you can use it to create smokers, campfires, etc.
  • The Sculk. Several issues affecting catalysts, shriekers, and sensors have been fixed. These issues were affecting their behavior, and textures, or prevented them from being in parity with Java.
  • Wild Update Music. Now there are a couple of new music disks but they are quite unusual. They should be crafted from several fragments. If you want to find these fragments, you will have to explore the ancient cities and look for them in the chests.


All these changes are quite interesting but this is not everything the MCPE developers made when working on this beta. They have also:

  • Fixed several bugs affecting the touch control buttons used for moving
  • Corrected the sun’s position and direction in RTX maps
  • Llamas accompanying wandering traders can be breed with hay bales and disappear when unleashed
  • Fixed one game crash happening sometimes when trading with villagers under specific circumstances
  • Fixed another game crash happening when visiting villages (problem affecting only iOS devices)
  • Made shulkers resistant towards fire damage
  • Made shulkers stand in a correct position when placed in certain transport means
  • Corrected the damage suffered when having the absorption effect applied

If you are interested in the technical aspect of the game, you should know that there are new updates done in this direction too. They will help you in your activity if you create maps or addons.

Hopefully, you have enough time today to try this awesome beta, because a new work week starts tomorrow. We hope you will enjoy all the changes and the new features.

Visit our website as often as possible if you want to find out about the next MCPE versions, but until then you can also check our collection of free texture packs, maps, and other cool surprises. Have a wonderful time!

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