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The developers of the Mojang Studios team do their best to update Minecraft Bedrock weekly. They often add new features, improve the existing ones,

The developers of the Mojang Studios team do their best to update Minecraft Bedrock weekly. They often add new features, improve the existing ones, and fix the detected bugs. Moreover, they also work on the technical part of the game so that the content creators can have more possibilities to create interesting mods, maps, and so on. Minecraft PE which is the freshest beta brings all of this in a very big number, so we suggest you grab a large cup of tea or coffee and maybe some cookies if you have enough time to read this article to the end.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Because there is a lot of information, we decided to divide this article into two parts. In the first one, we will describe what changes have been made to the newest features (the Wild Update ones and not only) and in the second one, we will tell you about the older features and about the game’s quality in general.

Part I:

  • Now you can breathe no matter where you are while using the spectator mode
  • The player in this mode cannot be pushed by the piston
  • The player in this mode will skip sleeping in order to save time and so that the night passes more quickly
  • The player who uses this mode will have his/her hunger bar intact
  • Certain sounds, for example those made when climbing, were been removed from this mode
  • Arrows and other projectiles fly through the player who uses this mode
  • The player’s model when in this mode is half-transparent and only his head renders
  • Tadpoles gradually turn into their correct adult variant in mangroves and snowy peaks


  • Piglins attack the player when the last one breaks a boat with chest (also available for such minecarts)
  • The warden is not stopped neither by lava nor water when chasing his target
  • The warden makes no animation or incorrect sounds when despawning inside liquids
  • The warden pursues his goal every time after emitting his legendary roar
  • The warden accumulates 100 units of rage for every attack on the target
  • The sculk sensor reacts better to the movements made around it
  • The sculk sensor doesn’t react when the player places things into the offhand
  • Items obtained from the allay are being stacked correctly
  • Skulk catalyst spreads through more kinds of blocks
  • Skulk shriekers look for wardens within a radius of forty-eight blocks
  • Sculk shriekers impose the effect of darkness on players that have a level of threat of three or more
  • Sculk shriekers can recognize players who ride mobs
  • Sculk shriekers can activate repeatedly when the player stands on them
  • Sculk shriekers can impose the effect even from big distances
  • Leaves do not prevent propagules from growing in the mangrove biome
  • Mangrove wood can be discovered in bonus chests
  • Mangrove biomes host mangrove villagers now
  • Mud generates better in mangrove biomes
  • Items get copied by Advanced Pick Block when boats with chests
  • Mangrove leaves are being gathered in one single stack when sheared
  • The sound made when moving through froglights is not so loud as before
  • Goat horns drop normally when goats ram wood in mangrove biomes
  • Additional sounds made when shields get broken by wardens or by an axe

Part II:

  • Added music and sounds for MCPE on Android
  • Players can jump without stopping if holding the required button pressed down
  • Things do not fall out of chests when  /fill, /setblock or /clone commands are being used  
  • Doors do not move the player when closing
  • Items are placed correctly in the offhand when filling out the inventory
  • Added sounds for putting on armor through the inventory
  • Minecraft PE users can hear the sound of other players putting on the armor
  • Corrected the disappearance of copied mobs after reloading the game
  • Slimes spawn correctly in worlds created in versions older than Minecraft PE 1.18
  • The errors related to the slime spawn do not affect the spawning of other mobs
  • Player’s riding does not get interrupted when reloading the world while being near a chunk edge
  • The camera’s angle of view does not change its position when landing on a boat
  • Players do not get fall damage when moving around scaffoldings
  • Corrected the water columns below zero level when updating older worlds
  • Objects in the offhand do not look covered in black anymore
  • Barrier blocks do not display the red texture from inside

Dear friends, these are the main changes you will discover by installing the new game update. Please be generous and share this article with your friends and leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about it.

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