Minecraft PE 1.19.0

Every new game update is important, even if it contains one single bug fix or minor change, this is why we try to keep our website’s subscribers

Every new game update is important, even if it contains one single bug fix or minor change, this is why we try to keep our website’s subscribers informed about each release, but today we are talking about a huge event and this is the very long-awaited Minecraft PE 1.19.0 full version!

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.0

This grand version brings a lot of changes, but you probably already know about most of them if you have been following us for the last several months because all the betas of the Wild Update brought them gradually to our MCPE worlds. In any case, we will remind you about them. These are:

  • The Deep Dark is considered to be the most terrifying place to visit due to the presence of the horrible Warden and all the blocks that react to the vibrations you make while moving. Exploring it is extremely dangerous, but it is definitely worth it because only there you will find chests with the most precious loot.
  • The Warden. This incredible creature is both amazing and scary. It does not like socializing, it is blind and likes to dream, but in case it is bothered by someone moving around his home, which is the Deep Dark Biome, namely the Ancient Cities (structures inside the biome), he will attack and we must warn you that defeating it is very, very hard. Even the game developers advise us to either trick him or run away.


  • Sculk. The simple blocks of sculk can be used in decoration because they look really nice, but when it comes to sensors and shriekers, you must be careful, because they react to your movements and this is how the Warden gets informed about your presence there. There is also the catalyst that is meant to spread veins of sculk all over the place.
  • Echo Shards. Some chests in Ancient Cities contain them. You will need them if you want to make Recovery Compasses that can lead you to the place where you died last time.


  • Mangrove Swamp. Unlike the previously-described biome, this one is a very nice and picturesque one. As its name suggests it contains swamps with mud that can be used in numerous ways and trees. Their parts, including the wood, roots, and leaves will also be of help if you want to craft useful and beautiful things.
  • Frogs. They are very pretty, especially their babies called tadpoles. Their color depends on the biome they spawn in and the tadpole’s color depends on the adult frog that hatches the egg. If you will feed them with small magma cubes, they will produce froglights that can be of different colors too and you will get a very special new achievement!


  • Chest Boat. Now you can create a boat that has a chest attached. This will be very handy if you want to take your belongings with you when you travel.


  • Allay. These miniature creatures like to fly and dance. Give it one item and it will gather all the items of the same type and hand them to you. Try to give it a cake and make it drop it near a note blocks, and you will unlock a special birthday achievement!


  • Goat Horn. When they ram, goats drop their horns. Horns can be of eight different kinds and they all make interesting sounds.
  • Music. The Wild Update brings a lot of cool new music, including songs by Lana del ray and Samuel Åberg. Another surprise a very unusual disc that you will be able to listen to only after collecting and combining its fragments. They can be found in the chests from the Ancient Cities.
  • Achievements. We already mentioned two achievements that can be obtained with the help of the frogs and allays, but there are two more new ones. They can be unlocked by successfully killing a mob near a sculk catalyst and by sneaking near a sculk sensor without it sensing your vibrations.
  • Spectator Mode. This feature is still under the experimental toggle, but it was greatly updated in the last several betas. By entering this mode, you won’t be able to interact with anyone or anything. You will be invisible (except for your head that can only be seen by spectators) and you will be able to move only by flying. Projectiles will flow right through your body without affecting you. Falling blocks, hostile mobs and other dangers won’t affect you either. This possibility is very interesting to try, but the game developers promise to make it even better in the future.

General fixes in Minecraft PE

Since this is such a big and important update, it naturally contains a lot of bug fixes, but we know that you want to try it as soon as possible so we will enlist only the most noticeable ones:

  • Many crashes happening for different reasons have been fixed
  • The issue preventing players from downloading content from the Marketplace sometimes was resolved
  • The functionality of the Dressing Room on Nintendo Switch devices was recovered
  • Several graphical, behavioral, and animation-related bugs affecting some mobs (trader llamas, villagers, illagers, and parrots) were resolved
  • Several graphical, behavioral, and animation-related bugs affecting items and blocks (dye, tools, minecarts, torches, and slabs) were resolved
  • Several issues making UI elements work incorrectly were resolved

And now you can finally download and enjoy this amazing full version, but if you want to find out more details about it, we suggest you watch the clip below this article.

Visit us as often as you have the possibility to if you want to know about all the news made in relation to the best game in the world, that is Minecraft Bedrock. Here you will also find a very big collection of free maps, mods, and other cool surprises. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.0

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