Minecraft PE 1.19.10

Regardless of the fact that Mojang Studios released so many interesting beta game versions recently, many players were waiting for the release of a

Regardless of the fact that Mojang Studios released so many interesting beta game versions recently, many players were waiting for the release of a full version. This happened several days ago and we are ready to share the most important information about this with you. The update is called Minecraft PE 1.19.10.

New features of Minecraft Bedrock

This version gathered together all the fresh features, changes, and fixes brought by the betas that have been released in the last several weeks. The most noticeable ones are:

  • The possibility to create more Allays from a single one. This process is called duplication and you can repeat it as often as you want by handing them amethyst shards. The only thing you should note is that between duplications, they require short cooldown time periods.


  • The new Allays’ custom to dance when a jukebox works nearby. Its dance stops when the jukebox is turned off or when the distance between it and the allay becomes too long.
  • Ability to find one or more biomes and/or structures with the help of the /locate command
  • The death screen contains an additional column telling why the death occured
  • iOS players benefit from Bluetooth support for their mouse and for their keyboard
  • Full inventories do not prevent players from holding things in the offhand
  • The sounds that play when someone equips elements in armor slots and these sounds are heard by everyone who joined the world
  • The camera view works normally when someone enters and uses the boat
  • The Resistance effect gives the correct amount of resistance and the Haste one effect gives the correct speed of mining
  • The health obtained from the Health Boost effect persists even if the user exists and re-enters his/her gaming world
  • Players do not have to crouch if they want to use the inventory of a chest inside a boat chest
  • The player’s hitbox does not suffer modifications in case he/she drowns and dies in the water
  • A couple of toggles, namely the Experimental and the Wild Update ones, had to be removed because they have no functionality anymore
  • Water columns do not generate below y=0 when the user upgrades old gaming worlds
  • Dirt blocks generate under grass in mangrove swamp biomes
  • The Ancient Cities have campgrounds generating inside now
  • Mobs do not become invisible or even vanish after traveling using the nether portal
  • Villagers from mangrove swamp biomes have their correct villager appearance
  • Parrots eating cookies get poisoned
  • Llamas are always towards the characters that attack their owner, namely the trader
  • Villagers and wandering traders run away from zoglins
  • The wandering trader’s invisibility effect can be cleared when he consumes milk
  • Piglins get angry when someone breaks a boat chest
  • Slimes always spawn as they should and there are no more bugs affecting this process
  • Wither breaks only the blocks it should break when being attacked
  • The number of health points belonging to fish and other similar mobs is of three
  • Tadpoles turn into their correct variants when growing up in different biomes
  • Frogs can lay eggs only in still waters
  • Allays follow their owners even when they travel with the nether portal
  • The allay’s territory where it picks up items is smaller than before
  • The items that are collected by an allay start glowing
  • Wardens can walk without hesitation even through lava and water
  • Wardens can’t be pushed when they are busy doing such actions as digging
  • The warden’s attack gets stronger and stronger with every unsuccessful attack targeted at his victim
  • Enchantments that reduce damage do not work against the sonic boom which is the warden’s special way of attacking
  • Nether Sprouts are placeable on some mangrove features. This is also available for the fungi
  • Lapis Lazuli Blocks and Flowered Azalea Blocks have their names slightly modified
  • Sculk Sensors protect amethyst clusters from being broken if they are attached to them
  • Mangrove logs can be found in bonus chests inside ancient cities
  • Running into mangrove logs makes goats drop their horns correctly
  • All kinds of wooden planks, including the mangrove and warped ones are suitable for fixing wooden tools
  • Pufferfish apply the correct amount of poisoning when consumed by the player

Dear friends, the list of important changes continues, but we want you to let you discover them all by yourselves. We just want you to know that there are more modifications done in relation to the sculk features, the features found in the mangrove biomes, the warden, the player’s UI, the game’s graphics, etc. If you want to explore all of them, hit the download button below and install the update.

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