Minecraft PE 1.19.20

The developers of Mojang Studios do their best to update Minecraft Bedrock regularly so we can have an interesting and bugless gameplay and we try to

The developers of Mojang Studios do their best to update Minecraft Bedrock regularly so we can have an interesting and bugless gameplay and we try to keep our website’s subscribers up to date with all this news. Today we will tell you about a brand new full game version called Minecraft PE 1.19.20. If you managed to read our recent articles, you probably know about most of its features because it brings all those developed lately together.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The game developers’ main actions in relation to this version were:

  • Fixing a number of rashes occurring during the gameplay
  • Developing a new design of the world create screen on Switch
  • Adding support on iOS for all mouse buttons, including the middle one
  • Updating the Marketplace’s error messages
  • Reducing the waiting time when joining multiplayer sessions
  • Introducing more Wild Update songs in the existing biomes
  • Improving the design of the toggles to make them easier to use
  • Expanding the possibilities of command /locate biome
  • Improving the way the Wandering Trader spawns
  • Improving the way bows and crossbows fire projectiles
  • Correcting the way fisherman villagers trade, especially when attempting to purchase boats
  • Fixing the way doors in Ancient Cities work
  • Fixing the way enchantments get applied to ranged weapons
  • Modifying the way sculk patches generate
  • Putting in a correct order the scores on scoreboards
  • Correcting the way soul speed becomes active and inactive when on soul sand
  • Correcting the way command /kill is applied to fishing hooks
  • Correcting the values applied by the health boost effect
  • Changing the position and orientation of skulls
  • Improving the behavior of polar bears when they are being attacked by players or mobs
  • Fixing the behavior of piglins when they see players wearing gold armor items
  • Giving jobless villager zombies the same possibilities as those of normal villager zombies, for example to use boats and minecarts
  • Giving ravagers the ability to break more kinds of plants, for example azaleas and mangrove leaves
  • Fixing the behavior of allays when they dance near a jukebox, follow and look at players, and pick up different items
  • Fixing the way witch huts and witches generate
  • Modifying the frequency of zombies breaking doors in hard difficulty


  • Cancelling the ender dragon’s ability to break certain blocks, for example jigsaws, respawning anchors, etc
  • Removing the data of dead mobs from the world file
  • Corrected the position of muddy mangrove roots
  • Correcting the sounds made by smithing tables when used by villagers and players
  • Improving the way sculk sensors react to vibrations in different situations, for example when two vibrations happen simultaneously
  • Enlarged the number of different vibrations that can trigger sculk sensors
  • Improving several UI-related features
  • Modifying and expanding the possibilities of players using the Spectator Mode
  • Developing a big number of technical updates that can help content creators in their projects.

These and other changes can be checked by downloading and installing the current update. To enjoy it, hit the button below the video.

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Video of Minecraft Bedrock

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Minecraft PE

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