Minecraft PE 1.19.30

You are lucky you visited our website again this evening because there is one very important update we want to tell you about. Actually, the Mojang

You are lucky you visited our website again this evening because there is one very important update we want to tell you about. Actually, the Mojang team released two versions, but we will start with the earliest and most complex one called Minecraft PE 1.19.30.

New features of Minecraft Bedrock

If you have the custom to check all the new game versions, you will discover nothing new in this one, but instead, all the earlier-developed ones are collected together and form a nice and stable game update. Because the changes are numerous, we will enlist the main ones, so install and you will see that the game developers:

  • Improved the game’s graphics by fixing some user interface elements and the player’s textures that used to turn pink under certain circumstances
  • Improved the water textures that have waterlogged blocks
  • Improved the water animations on certain devices used for playing MCPE
  • Improved the way the sky looks in the End
  • Corrected the position of the name tags
  • Developed new messages that players will receive in case of disconnection errors
  • Improved the thumbnail images shown in the dressing room
  • Made the names of NPCs show only when the player looks at them
  • Fixed a bug affecting the Raid bar under certain circumstances
  • Made dropped items flow correctly on the surfaces of waterfall edges
  • Added the possibility to repair shields with more kinds of new planks, for example, mangrove ones
  • Added the possibility to use commands in order to place mud brick slabs as top slabs
  • Corrected the generation of banners in different places
  • Made iron bars obtainable by commands and added them to the creative inventory
  • Made the piston animations smoother
  • Canceled the possibility to block pick in order to obtain aged saplings in the inventory
  • Made endermen peaceful in case they face players in creative or spectator modes
  • Corrected the way leashed allays follow their owners
  • Modified the way goats behave when ramming
  • Reduced the endermen random teleport cube size
  • Corrected the way bees fly in non-full blocks. This change also affects allays.
  • Corrected the way the nether portal works when items that can be thrown pass through them
  • Fixed a number of crashes occurring in different situations and on different platforms during the gameplay
  • Greatly improved and changed some characteristics of the Character Creator mode. For example, they decided that capes should not render while in this mode anymore and players can keep the items they have in their inventories in case of death. There are also a couple of changes that you probably won’t like but the developers decided it is better this way so they stopped animals from following players even when they are leashed and stopped mobs from reacting to food held by players.
  • Slightly modified the sizes of hoglins’ hit and collision boxes
  • Slightly modified the sizes of zoglins’ hit and collision boxes
  • Made villager nametags appear next to their trade tiers
  • Made sculk sensors and shriekers generate more often in ancient cities
  • Made mangrove fence gates flammable. This change is also available for the oak ones.
  • Made chest boats drop their contents when killed with command /kill.


Dear friends, if you want to explore all these and other features brought by this version, click on the download button below the clip trailer.

If you have enough time, we also invite you to check our collections of new maps, texture packs, and mods and to share your favorite ones with other players. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock