Download Minecraft PE 1.1.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.1.0 - Every gamer wants to play the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, so recently the new version of Minecraft
Download Minecraft PE 1.1.0 - Every gamer wants to play the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, so recently the new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1. has been released. So, we're glad to inform you that now you're able to download MCPE 1.1 on our website. You can also get acquainted with a detailed list of all changes in the game, as it is very important to know what developers changed in your favorite game. We strongly advise you to download MCPE and start enjoying it with your friends!

We think that you are looking forward to knowing what was changed in MCPE. Officially, the new update was called Discovery Update and it was released on June 1, 2017. Let's start with the description.

Download Minecraft PE 1.1.0

Changelog in Minecraft PE 1.1

  • Exclusively for MCPE: Minecraft Store

From now you will be able to find the real Minecraft Store (the result of cooperation with Microsoft), where you can get skins, texture packs and maps to make your game more comfortable. You'll get special achievements and can pay a unique game currency. As for me, I would like to buy a qualitative texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.1.0, but for what? There are plenty of them on our website!

  • Mending
  • Frost Walker

  • Blocks
  • Concrete - you can use this kind of block in 16 colors. You can make it with cement and water.

  • Cement - you'll need it to make concrete. You can look at the screenshot of how to craft cement.

  • Glazed Terracotta - decorative block? which you can get melting terracotta

  • Shulker Box - a kind of block, which can contain different blocks, which were put in earlier.

  • Subjects

  • Piece of iron - material, which you can get burning iron sujects. All crafts are below:

  • Totem of Undying - gives you a second life, drops after Evoker's death. If a player has a totem in one of his hands, so after he got a death hit, he could recover his health and use an effect of Regeneration II for 40 seconds and Absorption II for 5 seconds. It'll be destroyed after usage.

  • Map of Treasures - you can buy it in villager-mapmaker. You can buy it for emeralds or compass: whether a brown map, which shows a location of the mansion, or a blue map, which shows a location of the underwater fortress.

  • Spawn Eggs of llama, evoker, vex, vindicator.

  • Mobs

  • Lama is a neutral mob, that helps the player to protect the cattle from wolves that run away from the lamas away. Attack by spitting can be tamed. If you lead a llama by a leash, others follow it in the form of a caravan.

  • Vindicator is a hostile mob that lives in a forest mansion. They like to attack the villagers, they defend their mansion. If you activate a label with the inscription "Johnny", the champion will begin to attack everyone indiscriminately.

  • Evoker is a very strong hostile mob, dropping Totem of immortality. You can meet it in a forest mansion. When it sees the player, it begins to wave his arms, emitting magic and making terrible sounds. Calls Vexes (3 at a time) that can easily kill you. An interesting fact: if the evoker has to do nothing, he begins to color the sheep nearby in red.

  • Vex is a hostile mob called by the Evoker. A gray-blue spirit with an iron sword produces horrible sounds before the attack. Sometime after the spawn, he dies, if he was not called by the spawn egg or the console team.

  • New villager is map maker.

  • Natural structures

  • The forest mansion is a natural structure that is generated in the dark forest of the MCPE world. Inside, you can find many hostile mobs, as well as treasures, in which you will find useful items for yourself.

  • Game Mode
  • Adventure is a game mode, which is already known to the players the Minecraft PE and designed for the creators of maps for the passage. In this mode it is impossible to destroy and install the blocks, which allows preserving the integrity of the card, and also to pass it honestly without deception.

Changelog in MCPE 1.1.0

  • Main

  • The highlight symbol is used to separate words in entity names. List of names that have been changed:

  • World generation [/b]
  • Grains containing pre-formed structures, such as underwater fortresses and igloo, can be generated in other places.
  • Exclusively for pocket edition: White beds are now generated in the igloo.

  • Game process
  • Set the user interface for placing material in the Minecraft store.
  • A warning is added that the resource package cannot find the list of texture files.
    • Blocks
    • Wool: The texture was changed.
    • Carpet: The texture was changed.
    • Bed: Bedding is in one of 16 colors.
    • Terracota: Non-colored clay is now called "Terracotta." Painted clay is now called " terracotta."
    • Watermelon: Exclusively for pocket edition: When the watermelon is destroyed with scissors, all 9 slices of watermelon fall out.
    • Net: Exclusively for pocket edition: When crafting from one's net, you can get 9 threads.

    • Mobs and Entities
    • Cave spider The duration of the poison of the cave spiders now depends on the complexity.
    • Leash Improved physics of behavior.
    • Console Commands The CanPlaceOn and CanDestroy tags are now supported in the / replace item command. / gamerule
    • New game rules: firestick, domobspawning, dociledrops, mobgriefing, densitydrops, keepinventory, domobloot, dodaylightcycle. The / locate command detects more structures.

    • Other
    • Some improvements in controller management.
    • Added button X in the inventory of creativity to remove items.
    • A new sleep animation.
    • The palette of colors for wool, carpets, and sheep has been updated.
    • Worlds will show a screenshot on the main menu.
    • An animation of eating food can be seen from the 3rd person.
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