Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.4/1.2.5

Download Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.2/1.2.3 - download Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.2/1.2.3 for android free. The release date is 31.07.2017. There
Download Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.2/1.2.3 - download Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.2/1.2.3 for android free. The release date is 31.07.2017. There is a great update of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The release date

In this article we will tell you about the upcoming update of Minecraft PE 1.2. The release of the version is expected in August 2017. This update will bring Minecraft PE closer to the PC version of the game. We hope that the developers will add to the game something cool and interesting. Let's look at the possible changes in Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.2/1.2.3.

Update of Minecraft 1.2

  • Trade

This system will appear for exchange of goods with residents. You can use emeralds as currency. In such a way it will be possible to get new resources that you will not be able to obtain in the survival, for example, elytra wings, armor for horses, saddles. You can gain an experience as an additional bonus of resources. There are different types of inhabitants. The items they sell are also different. In the beginning, these inhabitants will offer the player from one to three deals. However, later new deals will be available, after which your experience will increase. After a successful deal with the player, the resident expresses a certain sympathy, radiating beautiful particles. After that, he will update the inventory.
Minecraft PE 1.2/.1.2.1/1.2.4/1.2.5

  • Hardcore mode

This is a new kind of survival. Its distinctive feature is that after the player's death, the world can be deleted and you have to start survival from the very beginning. Also the mobs will become more powerful and will be able to easily open wooden doors in such a mode.
  • Iron nuggets

This resource was added to the PC version, and we are waiting for their appearance in Minecraft 1.2. These nuggets can be received by crafting iron bars and by burning iron objects. You can craft the chain armor using iron nuggets. At the moment it can be obtained only in creative mode.

  • Structure blocks

They make the process of building of different structures automatical. They copy buildings, move them. There are 4 types of them:
Saves the building in a file.
Loads the structure and places it on certain coordinates.
Corner block is used to mark the boundaries of the structure.
Block of information is used to save chests and other items with additional tags. First of all, this innovation will help developers of servers, because using it, thez can build spawns faster and more efficiently.

Some of the updates are no longer topical, so we bring to your attention an updated list of innovations.
Official updates of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 on July 31, 2013 was one of the most ambitious updates of Minecraft, code-named "Better Together Update", which translates into Russian means "Vmestye Veseleye." We will review all the innovations of Minecraft 1.2! If you are in a hurry to play, then download Minecraft 1.2 for android at the bottom of the article.
  • Cross Platforms

The players from different platforms, namely: Android, iOS, Win10, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and GearVR, will be able to play together. And also Minecraft Pocket Edition will be renamed as Minecraft.
  • Official servers

From this moment, four official partners of Minecraft will be added into the game client: LifeBoat, CubeCraft, MinePlex, InPvP. These are the most popular projects with mini-games.
  • The new interface of inventory

The most changes will get the interface of the inventory. In particular, the crafting system will be changed. Now crafting things will be more convenient, and there will also be tips on recipes for beginners.

  • Fast command entry

In Minecraft 1.2, you can enter basic commands faster and more conveniently. All basic commands will look as buttons.

  • Bonus chest

When creating a new world, you can include a bonus chest. In this chest resources for starting survival will be available. Such a thing will help beginners to develop faster on the map.

  • Canyons

Moreover, canyons will be added in generation of the world as it was done in PC version.

  • Parrots

These are the new biome jungle mobs. They can fly, they have different types of color. They can be tamed and put on the player's shoulder.

  • Stand for armor

The stands for armor are considered to be one of the most long-awaited innovations . They can be put on armor and you can put any tool on it. It will also be possible to change its position.

  • Multicolored glass and glass panels

Developers have already implemented these blocks into the game, but they did not add it completely. This time they will be added exactly. We think many builders are waiting for this innovation, as you can decorate your buildings with these blocks.

  • Flags

In the new version, flags will be added. They will be available in 16 colors with different patterns. If desired, they can be repainted in a boiler using dyes.

  • The book with a feather

Now books with a feather will be available in the game. You can write any text on them. This is a very cool opportunity for card makers to pass through.

  • Music player and records

There ia another new feature from the PC version of Minecraft. It is possible to listen to different melodies directly in the game with the help of the player and vinyl records.

  • Transparent ice

The texture of ice will be transparent as it was done in PC version.

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